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Saturday, June 16, 2018

June Post One

Styling with Stitches

What's Stitching
SAL reveal

We are FINALLY BACK and thrilled to be so.   It was a rough two months but we are working our way back to "blog form".   And, we will be visiting with all of you and seeing all that we missed.   We truly missed each of you.

June is our "Birds and Bees" month which is always a fun post.   For our Styling with Stitches post we have stitched Mrs. Maguire patterns.   We made them to be basket covers and we hope you like them.  Mrs. Maguire charts are primitive but they are whimsical and sweet too.

Hope you all have been well and had time to work in your gardens and enjoy the tweeting of the birds and the buzzing of the bees. We will have another post at the end of the month and it is our big give away so don't miss that one.  We are calling it "A Few of our Favorite Things" and they will relate to our favorite stitching items with a bird and bee theme.


Styling With Stitches

RJ's Mrs. Maguire

Mrs. Maguire's Garden was my first Pineberry stitch and I enjoyed it very much.  Our theme this month is birds and bees and this garden pattern had neither so I changed the top corner designs to bees and added a tiny bee button on one of the flowers.   I finished it with a soft brown background fabric with tiny white flowers with a golden yellow center.  It brought out all the colors in the stitch.  I also added a tiny brown check bow on the right corner with a beehive button. At the last minute I decided to put it on a vintage watering can instead of a basket.   I just added sunflowers to the watering can for a simple and prim finish.

I found this French watering can at a Flea Market in St. Louis.  It holds a casual gathering of sunflowers.

Mrs. Maguire is mighty prim and sweet watering her flowers!  Can you see the little bee button on the flower on the left?  I also added the stitched bees in the top corners and the bee hive button on the bow at top to fit our monthly theme.

Mrs. Maguire's Garden
by Pineberry Lane
40 ct. Country Mocha linen
matched over dyed threads to the called for DMC
buttons from 123 stitch


Mary's Mrs. Maguire

Mrs. Maguire-Bee Charmer certainly  gave me a new appreciation for the “prim style” of cross stitch.  I loved the simplicity and charm of this stitch so I wanted to keep the finish simple.  I tacked her onto a Sur-la-table basket that I found on clearance, added a double bow and some pretty flowers.  She now sits on my coffee table where  she will be spending the summer. 

Mrs. Maguire certainly charmed me!

Mrs. Maguire - Bee Charmer
by Pineberry Lane
36 ct. Edinburgh linen in flax
called for DMC threads


There is a third Mrs. Maguire in the series that we thought you might like to see.   We are seriously thinking of adding her to the other two.  The farm theme is so popular right now and this one fits in perfectly.  Has anyone stitched this pattern?
Should we get this one too???


What's Stitching

Mary and I have been shopping for new patterns that we will be stitching in the coming months. We are always anxious to get new ones.  It's like Christmas when they come in the mail.   There are so many fantastic designs out there so choosing is hard.   Luckily we always love the same ones.  Here are just a few of our new purchases:
Peppermint and Holly by With thy Needle and Thread

Snow Birds by With thy Needle and Thread

Lessons from Summer School House by With thy Needle and Thread
Basketful of Spring by With thy Needle and Thread

Basketful of Summer by With thy Needle and Thread

Hello Spring by Plum Street Samplers

Hello Summer by Plum Street Samplers

Hello Fall by With thy Needle and Thread

Hello Winter by With thy Needle and Thread


SAL Reveal

They are done !!!   We finished our first SAL together and we are in love with them.   It was truly a lot of fun working with Mary and the stitch was a joy to work on.   We loved stitching with silk threads and our first Kathy Barrick pattern.   Later, we will be getting them framed and we will show them again looking their very best.


And Heaven and Nature Sing
by Kathy Barrick
40 ct. Pecan butter linen
called for silk threads


Mary's SAL
30 ct. mocha linen
called for silk threads



We didn't want to forget about the bird part of this month's theme so we found a really pretty bird stitch for you.   It is by 123 Citrouille.

You will find this sweet pattern here 


Well it felt great to be back blogging after our long absence.  We sure missed it and all of you.   Can't wait to come visit all of you and see your newest stitching.   If you have a blog that we don't know about yet be sure and tell us. We will come by for a visit and add you to our sidebar. Next post is our big give away and we have lots of goodies for the winners.  So we hope to see you.

                                       The Girls from Stitching Friends