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Sunday, March 15, 2020

March /Sewing
Styling with Stitches
High Fives
SAL Update
What's Stitching

Spring is right around the corner and I know many of you can't wait for warmer weather.  We love Spring and all the flowers that will bloom.  Do you have a favorite flower you are waiting to see?  For us, it is tulips and snowdrops.

When we were planning this year's posts, we decided to make some sewing projects for the month of March.   So, we both attempted our first project bag for our styling with stitches post.   We also have some more high fives, our first SAL update and a message from Clare.


Styling with Stitches

RJ's Project Bag

I've been putting off making a project bag for so long but I finally took the plunge.   I followed Vonna's tutorial which is excellent.   She explains every detail so well which I really appreciated.  I made a few small changes to mine. I had to make my bag larger to fit the stitch I added, I curved the ends of the flap and I added a button for a little extra detail. 

I used the pattern Stitching Friends by Sub Rosa for my stitch.   When I first saw this pattern, it seemed like it was designed just for us which made it special.  I've never been attracted to stitching mice before but these two are adorable.  I love how their tails stick out of their dresses, their stitching tools and the extra big, whimsical strawberry with large pins.  

I used a decorator fabric which had already been treated with scotchguard  which seemed like it would be great to keep it clean.   It also has a nice weight to it which makes the bag very sturdy.  The lining is a polka dot.  I came up with a new way to make a project roll .  Next post I'll add a simple, easy tutorial.

Finished bag with a matching project roll was sent to Robin as a birthday gift

Closeup of stitch.  Aren't those mice sweet?

Stitching Friends
by Sub Rosa
40 ct. platinum linen
called for over dyed floss
fabric from Calico Corners
buttons from Hobby Lobby


Mary's Project Bag

My project bag started with a pre-made zippered pouch that I purchased at the Crafty Framer in Florida last Spring.    As I don't like sewing zippers I thought this would simplify the project.  I machine stitched the zipper to the project bag but it would have been easier to hand sew it.  

 My stitch by Nikyscreations is called Stitcher Sewing Sampler

The stitch as designed

This is my version. I eliminated the alphabet and flipped the bottom border to use as the top border. 
Love this sweet stitch!

I found the fabric on line that went so well with the floss colors and Dames of Needle trim.
The finished bag found a home with RJ in Florida

Stitcher Sewing Sampler
28 count Weeks Havana linen
converted floss from DMC to Weeks and Gentle Arts threads

trim from Dames of the needle


High Fives

This is one of our features where we pick five things that we are really liking.  Hope you enjoy!

RJ's High Fives

1. Hometown TV series 

Have you seen this HGTV series yet?   I'm so hooked.  It's the sweetest couple in a small town in Mississippi who are restoring the homes throughout this charming town.  This French Country home was remodeled for a military couple that were retiring and it came out perfect.

2. Blaze Pizza

We go to Blaze Pizza every Sunday night after Mass.  The pizza is awesome.  You select  whatever you want to put on your pizza and as much as you want.   They make the best salads too.  It is the fastest growing casual restaurant chain in the nation so give it a try if you have one near you.

3.  Neat stand

Mike gave me this cool stand for Christmas.  I'm thinking it will be a neat place to hold stitches until they are ready to be sewn.   They also would hold a set of flat folds really nicely too.

4.  Covered button maker

Boy is this little tool coming in handy for all the covered buttons I'll be making for my French village.  It is so easy too.  I bought mine in Hobby  Lobby with a 40% coupon. 

5. Robot vacuum

I tend to be a cleaning fanatic but I've been having some serious health issues of late and this little guy sure has helped keep the house clean.   My husband bought it for me and we nicknamed him "Dusty".  They honestly work great.


Mary's High Fives 

1. Eagle Watching- I am fortunate to live in an area where I see these majestic birds.  I took this photo recently as he was sitting in a tree along the river. I was hoping to catch him in flight but he never moved. 

2. Sullivan's Ball tip needles- These are my favorite needles for stitching on higher count fabrics. I used to think a needle was a needle but I swear by these. I think they are easier to thread, no burrs catching the floss and the floss just glides through the fabric. Have you tried a ball tip needle?   I buy mine from Peggy at The Crafty Framer in Largo, Fl.  7$ for the package and she ships economically.  

3. Marie's Creamy Chipolte Ranch Dressing-This is my new favorite dressing. It has a little bit of heat and you don't have to use much in a salad.  I toss it with dried dates, pecans and mixed fresh greens, top it with grilled chicken and  you have a fast and easy delicious dinner. 

4. Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Orange Sticks-I don't have a sweet tooth but I really like these chocolate covered jellies.  At only 2.99 a bag how can I pass them up??   


5. Trader Joe's Unexpected Cheddar Cheese-While we are at Trader Joe's how about picking up some delicious Cheddar??  If you like really sharp cheddar this one fits the bill.  I enjoy it room temperature, sliced thinly on a crisp apple slice, oh sooo good!!! 


SAL update

We are so thrilled to have Faith join us for our Year in Celebrations SAL. You can visit Faith here and enjoy all of her great projects. 

Feel free to join us anytime during the year as we stitch one a month.   Maybe you would like to stitch just a few or all 12 or them.  Anytime you want to join in you are welcome.   Just send us an email.

Faith's March SAL

Mary's March SAL

RJ's March SAL


What's Stitching

Our friend Clare is stitching flowers for a tree festival and we are hoping you will help her out.   Below is Clare's post from her blog.  Just go here and tell her if you can send a small stitch to add to her tree. 

 This year I would like to do a floral tree - A Bouquet of Flowers. 

Since my diagnosis I have received so many beautiful flowers which have certainly brought a smile to my face and lifted my spirits. This year I'd like to fill my Christmas tree with flowers ....... and I'm hoping you will help.

Each of my ornaments will be a mini hanging pillow with a flower head for each design

I have used 28ct but the flowers can be on any fabric with a design size of a maximum 3" x 3".

There is no need to make up the mini pillow, if you stitch on a piece of fabric 6" x 6" and send it to me I will make up all the mini pillows using a variety of backing fabrics and ribbons for hanging making a colourful display.

By sending just the stitched piece it should not be too much postal costs.... I live in the UK so some post will be overseas.

It would be absolutely superb if you would help me make my 'bouquet' - please leave a comment if you would like to help and I will reply with my postal address.

Huge thank you, Clare 🌹

We hope all our stitching friends will go leave a comment on Clare's blog to help her make a beautiful flower Christmas tree .  


Thank you so much for coming by to visit with us.  We really appreciate all of you and your kind comments.   We will be by to see what you have been up to and what crafts you have been busy with.  Stay safe everyone.  Have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!  May the luck of the Irish be with you all.  

                                                              Stitching Friends 

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