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Thursday, February 15, 2018

February Week One

Styling With Stitches
What's Stitching
Invitation to a Party
Something New
SAL Update
Free Pattern

Happy belated Valentines Day to all!   You can call us the "day late - dollar short" girls.    Since the new year, we have been running late but we do hope you had a lovely day yesterday with your loved ones.   Our planned Valentine Day post is today!  This is a pretty jam packed post after missing last week so we hope you enjoy. 


Styling with Stitches
This month's styling with stitches project is decorated Mason jars.  It makes a thoughtful gift for that special person on Valentines day or any day actually.  You can tuck this idea away for future years or use it anytime during the year with another stitch design. 

RJ's Mason Jar
I used my first Shepherd's Bush kit for this project.   Have you tried one?   They include just about everything...hand dyed linen, silk threads, a charm, a bead, the chart and even a needle.  It was a fun and quick stitch!  I did change one color.   It had a mauve thread for the heart and I changed it to Poison Apple red.

I attached my little cross stitch to a pretty, tiny heart fabric with a running stitch.  After filling my jar with chocolate kisses and hearts, I tied the fabric to an antique Mason jar and added a double yo yo button.   I want a piece of candy so bad but I gave up chocolate for Lent...what was I thinking? 

Valentine centerpiece
Closeup shows tiny bead, garden tool and running stitch to attach to fabric

Grow Love
by Shepherd's Bush
silk threads
hand dyed linen
charm and bead

Mary's Mason Jar
I  have always appreciated anything handmade and when I saw this pretty doily at a yard sale for 25 cents I could not pass it by.  When RJ and I decided to stitch something for a Mason jar I thought of my little doily to stitch.   I think this linen was 50 count. I nearly went blind stitching it one over two!  A tiny ribbon and heart button from my stash finishes it off.

My jar is filled with filled raspberry Christmas candies.  These were a favorite from childhood and I haven't found them in years.  What a thrill when my sister brought a bag to me at Christmas, and yes, they tasted just as good as I remembered them! 

Valentine arrangement
My 25 cents doily added so much to this project
free stitch
find here
DMC 3777
up cycled linen doily



What's Stitching
We would like to thank Jo of Serendipitous Stitching for choosing us as bloggers of the week.  You made it alot of fun!   My interview is there this week and Mary's will be next week.   If you would like to read about us including a question asking for a secret you will find the interviews here

Birthday Party
We would like to invite everyone to come to our stitching party to celebrate our first year of blogging.   If you would like to attend, all you need to do is to send us a photo of  a stitch by one of your favorite designers.   It can just be the stitch or finished...your choice.   You can stitch it this month or it can be one from the past. The party will be the last week in March so we need them to come before March 25th.  We really hope you will attend.

Please send your photo to   


Something New
This is usually a smaller stitch and it can be finished any way we like but usually we make new themed ornaments or bowl fillers. 

RJ's new stitch
I chose to do a bowl filler this month.  Eventually I hope to have enough Valentine stitches to fill a dough bowl but this is my first one so I have a long way to go!   It's a cute primitive pattern that has a Victorian feel.  A small heart fabric was used for the front and ticking for the back.  I added a real tiny silver heart to her belt.   Lace, vintage buttons and a bow with a heart charm adds to the  finish.   

New stitch added to centerpiece

Closeup of finish with tiny heart charm, bow and charm, lace and buttons

Hearts Unite
by Shelly Auen
Primitivestitchin on Etsy
over dyed threads
40 ct. flax linen

Mary's new stitch
My stitch is called Crow in Love by Theresa Murgida.  Her Primitve Acorn shop can be found on ETSY. 

RJ bought this pattern for me as I am fond of crows. I think they are very intelligent birds and I enjoy watching their antics. This was stitched on a heavy, mystery linen that RJ sent me also.  I eliminated the heart on the crows chest  as I wanted to add a key and bow to his neck.  

My Shop Rite flowers with my crow stitch

Closeup of the sweet crow.

Crow in Love
by Theresa Murgida
called for threads
32 ct. linen


SAL Update
It's time to show our SAL progress after two weeks. We are really enjoying this project.    Stitching them with the called for silk threads is such a pleasure.  They go through the linen like butter and never seem to knot like cotton.  Here is where we are in a total of 22 hours.

This is where I left off after 11 hours of stitching

Deer, words, cardinals and potted plant are new since our last update.  This is after 22 hours.

Mary's SAL
This is where I left off after 11 hours of stitching
Deer, basket of fruit, cardinals, tree on right and flower are new since last update.  This is after 22 hours.


Free Pattern
We hope you enjoy this pretty free pattern from Glory Bee.   It's very sweet and looks like it would stitch up quickly.  This pattern can be found here


Thank you so much for your visit.   We really appreciate each and every one of you. If you have a blog that we don't know about, please let us know.   We would love to come and visit.  Next week will be our new grab bag and recipe post.  Until then, we hope you get the time to do lots of stitching. 

                                                                      Mary and RJ

                        Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody's heart
                                                          Anthony J. D'Angelo 


  1. What a great post -- so much to view and to read. I love all the stitches you shared. You have both made good progress on your SAL piece; it is really interesting to see how you both are tackling this piece. As always, thank you for sharing the links.

  2. Your post is full of such pictures of such beautiful projects and centerpieces. I had fun going through all the pictures. Happy stitching! Andrea

  3. Bonjour RJ et Mary,
    Charmant votre post,j'ai l'impression de lire votre journal,c'est sympathique.
    Vous avez bien brodées toutes les deux,et une décoration de rêve ,j'adore!
    J'admire beaucoup ce pot a confiture avec le petit napperon,un délice!
    J'aime moi aussi acheter sur des vides greniers,mais en France la saison ne commence qu'en Avril,on y trouve beaucoup de vieille dentelles.
    Quelle gourmandise magnifique tous ces jolis praliné au chocolat.
    C'est avec joie que je vais essayer de vous envoyer un photo pour fin mars.
    Vous avancez bien sur le SAL ,un beau projet.
    Bon week end a vous deux
    Amicalement de France

  4. As usual you inspire me with your stitches!! And what a fun SAL. I am sure mine will be a Prairie Schooler. They are my favorite designer. I am beginning to love some new to me designers such as Silver Creek Samplery. Stacy Nash is another designer I enjoy and of course, Brenda Gervais. I am trying to move on to Spring and Summer Stitches. Right now I am working on Bessie by Little House Needleworks. I was excited to see the new release in Homestead Christmas, Horsing Around. Cathy Haberman's new Christmas ornaments are lovely as well.

  5. Happy Velantine's to you both, what a lovely post. Great work on your SALs and a great freebie. I love the idea of your jars too. It will be my 10th blog birthday soon - amazing how time has flown. I love the idea of your party and will be sending a photo to you soon x x

  6. This post was certainly worth the wait - both of you are so talented with your stitching and finishing. Be Mine is a sweet freebie, isn't it?

  7. COucou, Je craque pour ta confiture ! Et le vase avec les charmantes fleurs et bien sur le coussinet qui va avec !!!
    Tes ciseaux n'arrêtes pas de me faire des clin d'œil hihi .... Passez un bon week end. Je vous embrasse Céline

  8. Another lovely post full of wonderful stitching .
    Love the jar toppers and your Valentine stitches and your SALs
    I am just off to a stitching show so will be back to read your blogger of the month tomorrow .
    I will also sort a photo out for your party what fun.

  9. Wow! Just another fabulous posting 😘 all of the stitching is lovely and such great finishing & ideas....Blessings

  10. No, I have not tried these KITS yet, but it looks very interesting.
    Enchanting little embroidery, and two sweet new works. And you have made great progress with your SAL, I like both very well.
    Hugs to you all,

  11. Seriously, this post was worth the wait. I can't even begin to see it all. It will require two more readings. Love all the vignettes, new stitches, and that doily. All the little things you added to each stitch really sets them off. I simply must step up my game on the smalls. You have also given me so much to think about with your party.
    FUN FUN FUN Ladies!

  12. Wonderful post from you.
    Your finishes are so beautiful.
    Great progress on your SAL stitching.
    Great Idea for your blog birthday.
    Have a nice weekend and Big Hugs to yours.

  13. Your decorated mason jars are just fantastic! Mary I am so impressed. What a lovely finish. Hearts Unite is such a unique design. So delightful. Perfect finishing RJ. I love the key around around the crows neck Mary. I like crows too Mary. Thanks for the invite to your party! I will be sending you a picture. :D

  14. I love your mason jars, they are both very pretty. I really like both of your Valentine's finishes and your SAL stitching is wonderful.

  15. De bien jolies broderies pour la Saint Valentin.

  16. Wonderful post and some great finishing ideas. I love the doily used as a jar cover.
    The Birthday party sounds like a wonderful idea. However can I narrow it down to just one designer and just one photo though?
    I must get my thinking cap on!

  17. Oh yes Jo it is just ONE of your favorite designers and only ONE photo. I hope I did not work the invite wrong. RJ

  18. Hi RJ and Mary....

    I hope you both had a nice Valentine’s Day! Your mason jars are just way to precious! I LOVE mason jars and use them a lot for gift giving! Homemade hot chocolate has been a big hit in the back to your stitches!

    RJ your mason jar looks wonderful! I love the pattern and that double yo yo button was a very clever idea! I could NEVER make it through LENT without chocolate...I honestly don’t think I could go a! I think it has been written in as part of my overall treatment plan...grins!Your Hearts Unite stitch is really lovely! I have never seen this pattern and so of course it has been added to my ever growing need to stitch list! Thank! Your SAL progress is wonderful as well! This sampler is such a pretty one and I am enjoying watching both of your progress reports! It constantly amazes me how much you accomplish every month! I am in awe!

    Mary...your stitched mason jar is lovely as well! I have a mason jar that I have had since my children were young and it is very similar to yours! It is one of those” grab in an emergency “ kind of treasures because it has held my children’s tears since they were small! Oh yes another long story! Your crow is just adorable as well! Honestly I could stitch birds all the time because I love them so! Your SAL is coming along nicely too! Love this sampler!

    A birthday party...I will look for a picture...already looking...grins! This is another great idea...what fun!

    Thank you for the freebie pattern!

    I hope you both have a good weekend filled with things that bring you joy! Sending hugs and love to you both!

  19. RJ and Mary, your Valentine finishes are so sweet! I really like the crow, too - love the bow and the tiny heart. The doily is such a great find! Wow - 25¢! Can't beat a deal like that. I Googled the Etsy shop you mentioned and plan to check it out. Happy stitching!

    Your friend in Idaho,

  20. Always such a fun blog to read. Always full of beautiful stitching, and I do love all the things you do with your talents. Love you both a bunch.

  21. I really enjoy your posts,double the beautiful stitching and great finishing ideas.
    I would love to join your Birthday Party,I shall go and choose one of my favourite finishes :)

  22. Very pretty finishes you have shared. Great progress on your SAL.

  23. I really love both of your mason jar projects! They both turned out really cute! Mary I just love the heart button you used on yours. Great new stitches and I really love how you both finish the pieces with the ribbon and fabric; I may need to try that on some of my pieces. Great SAL progress ladies! I can see that they are the same pattern now! I just love the trees on that chart and they would look cute on their own!

  24. Clever to gussy up Mason jars. I enjoyed seeing your Valentine stitches too. Congrats on one year of blogging - the 2 of you have created an interesting and unique stitching blog!

  25. Lots of pretty stitching and finishes, love the decorated mason jars, the crow in love piece and the 1826 pattern with the silver charm.

  26. RJ: Your Mason Jar is lovely, I too gave up chocolate for Lent, it is not easy.
    Your Something New is adorable, I love the ticking perfect color.
    Your SAL is a sweet design.


  27. Mary: Your Mason jar is perfect, I have thought of using doily's in projects, you have inspired me.
    Your Something new is perfect, I love crows, I have my favorite crow pillow in my kitchen window shelf, I see it everyday.
    Your SAL is lovely, I am looking forward to seeing the finished design, I have never seen this design before.
    Thank-you for the freebie link.
    Its snowing here and only 15 degrees.


  28. Hello dear ladies,

    Sigh, I watched such wonderful Mason jars and new stitches ... they are so beautiful, all of them! The name Poison Red alone made me smile so much ... You did an amazing job ... what can one say but WOW WOW WOW and WOW :)
    Happy stitching, dear friends!!!

    Dutch waves and greetings across the ocean.

    P.S. We have a similar kind of raspberry candy here in Holland. Makes me think of my grandmother ... Hugs!

  29. RJ and Mary... I just finished reading your interviews over at Blogger of the Week. So glad to get to know you both a little better. Mary - Oh! Your disaster photo... my heart goes out to you! I know that feeling of not being able to find a pattern you really want. I've been looking for Book 89 (Village Green) from Prairie Schooler, and have only seen it on eBay for $50! I'm wishing and hoping they release that one again soon. It would be a nightmare to try to stitch from a photo!

  30. Adore your smalls and little decorated areas! the 1826 sweet! And Mary, you've turned the doily into a treasure!

  31. You are both really moving along well on your giant deer piece (as I call it!!). The mason jar stitchings are adorable and I have to say, Mary, that those raspberry candies brought back such nice memories for me, too. My mom bought them each Christmas and I can still taste them. I should make a point to look for them next year :)

    Your new finishes are gorgeous--LOVE them both! The charms you used, RJ and the pretty ribbon you added complement these perfectly :) Can hardly believe it has been a year since you two began blogging--you have been a wonderful addition to the stitching/blogging community!

  32. Gorgeous gorgeous pretty things once again! Your homes, your finishes, everything just perfect. Looking forward to catching up with your interviews too!

  33. Both mason jars are gorgeous!
    How pretty your Valentine's pieces!

    Wonderful progress on And Heaven and Nature Sing!

  34. Hi Mary, hi JR,
    both jars are looking great, mmmhhh!
    I like your cushions both ... how nicely you decorate for the photos.
    I am glad about your Blog birthday, already today.
    Hugs from Germany, Jutta

  35. RJ and Mary: I have sent you both an email, pluses let me know if you have received them.


  36. Beautiful stitching, I love the key and bow added to the lovely crow. Thank you for showcasing the freebie chart too :)

  37. I love the lids of the mason jars you finished. And wow, such wonderful little pillows you stitched and finished for Valentine's day.
    I juts have no chance to join you on your birthday party because it's just too hard for me to choose something from my favorite designers. There are are just too many ,lol. But I will come and see what the other participants chose.

  38. I really like your new decorative designs! it's so beautiful so much and good idea on site.


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