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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January Week Four

Something New
SAL Progress
Review of week four ornaments of 2017'

It's hard to believe that it is the last day of January already.  This month just flew by for us.  We hate to admit it but we just put our Christmas decorations away this week!   We squeezed in our posts on the very last day of the month!  

Week fours are usually a new smaller stitch that we turn into an ornament or a bowl filler but this year we have some new ideas we will be sharing too.   We are starting the year with snowmen ornaments to follow our January theme.   We also have a new feature to share...a SAL.   And, we have a review of our week four projects from last year.   Enjoy!


Something New
RJ's New Ornament

Snow Love by Country Cottages was the choice for my January ornament.   I've been wanting to stitch on the dotted fabric for some time and this chart seemed well suited to go with it.  The only problem is when you have to stitch through a dot because they are painted on and it is hard to go through them.  I used a deep red fabric with tiny hearts the color of the linen.  Mary found this pretty fabric at a quilt show.   I wish we had tons more of it.   Tiny pom pom fringe was added to the middle to resemble snowballs and a heart button was stitched between the snow couple.  I finished it at the top with a bow and a small heart charm that says made with love.

Sitting in the greenhouse with snow couple and trees

Pom pom fringe, red heart button and heart charm were added.  

Closeup of charm "Made with Love"

 Snow Love
by Country Cottage Needleworks
32 ct. raw/white petit point linen
over dyed threads I had
pom pom fringe from Hobby Lobby
charm from Joann Fabrics


Mary's New Ornament

January 1st and I had nothing stitched for our new ornament.  So, you can imagine how pleased I was to find this adorable Snowman on Martina's blog on January 1 st!! A great start to the New Year! 

He stitched up quickly.  I made a few small changes to the color scheme and  the shape of the snowflakes.   Pretty trim was added between the stitch and the fabric.  A bow with a snowflake charm was added to the finish.    You can find the pattern here.

Thank you Martina for your lovely design and sharing your talents with us! 

The colors read true.  Photo was taken in daylight

Close up of charm taken in artificial lighting

Pattern by Martina
Assorted DMC and Gentle Arts threads
  28 count raw cashel linen by Zweigert
charm from Bohemian Findings on etsy



Mary and I buy all our patterns together and then we decide who will stitch what for the blog.   We always know which one the other one really wants and we always say you do that one.   But one pattern popped up on blogs towards the end of last year that each of us really LOVED.   We both were willing to let the other one make it for the blog but deep down we both really wanted to stitch it.   So we said lets do a SAL.   We have enjoyed watching Martina, Manuela and Jutta do SALS together and thought it looked like fun. 

We received our patterns late in the month so we have only been stitching for 10 days so far.  The first two days we did only 30 minutes but then we decided to move it up to one hour daily.  

We have rules we follow.   We  can only stitch one hour a day but we don't have to count ripping out or putting the part we ripped out back in.  And time does not start until the threaded needle hits the linen.  If we miss a day we can stitch two hours the next day.

And to make it more fun, Mary started hers from the bottom of the chart and I started mine from the top.   Now see if you can guess which pattern we are stitching???


 Mary's SAL


Review of week four ornaments from 2017'

We showed you a review of our bigger projects for last year in week one.  So, we thought we would do a review of all of our smaller week four stitches this week. We will continue to do stitches like this in 18' but we have some new projects planned along with our new SAL.  

April bunnies


May garden

June birds and bees

July patriotic 

August sunflowers

September friendship

October and fall

November thanks

December "Christmas"


Hope you have enjoyed seeing our new January ornaments and watching progress on our brand new SAL.  We look forward to your visit next week for our latest "Styling with Stitches."   The time you take to visit is much appreciated and we always enjoy reading your comments. 

                                                                        RJ & Mary 

 “Snowflakes are one of natures most fragile things, but look at what they can do when they stick together.”   

                                                     unknown author


  1. Such sn enjoyable post.`Each of you have lovely stitching to share.I have saved Martina's great Snowman to stitch and left her a comment.Thank you for the link Mary.I enjoyed your review of both your week 4 ornaments and am intrigued to find out which design you are stitching for your SAL :)

  2. A lovely post.
    Your snowmans looks great. Both finishes are wonderful.
    I don't know which design you are stitching for your SAL. I'm looking forward to your next photos of these SAL.
    Big Hugs to both of you, Manuela

  3. Girls you are outdoing yourselves. I just love the finishes and those little charms are precious. I used some heart charms with the year on them last year and I am thinking of ordering some more to stitch to my ornaments. I found them on ETSY. I agree about the dotted fabric...wish the dots were woven into the material instead of painted on the fabric. I just started Easter Parade and I am loving the pastels. I am stumped on your SAL....Since it has a year on it, I think Stacy Hash but the style is throwing me off. Happy Stitching.

  4. It is always a good way to spend time by reading your new post, ladies. I enjoyed the review of your week 4 projects from 2017. Both snowman pieces are adorable. I think the trims and the charms/buttons are wonderful additions to your stitched pieces. Mary, thank you for the link.

    I know what your SAL piece is, but only because RJ and I have talked about it so I will keep it to myself.

  5. I love your new snowmen. Your SAL looks wonderful. I do not know what it is!!

  6. Wonderfully, the snowman's couple of RJ as well as the small snowman of Mary, tone in tone he looks very elegant.
    I do not know, for which SAL you have announced yourselves, I am already interested on your next photos.
    Hugs and kisses, Jutta

  7. Your snowmen are wonderful! I have no idea what your SAL is, so I'm looking forward to your updates.

  8. What a great idea for your SAL. I loved the snowmen and the review. Y'all have been after it for sure.

  9. What darling snowmen ornaments, RJ and Mary--love them both. I always planned on stitching the LHN one for my son and his wife--maybe this coming year :) And I love that freebie, Mary--thanks for the link.

    I recognized your SAL right away as Kathy Barrick's And Heaven and Nature Sing. I have that chart, too, but haven't stitched it--think I'm just a bit afraid of that giant deer :)

    Thanks for the fun look-back at your last year... You both have done such lovely work this since you began blogging and I look forward to each post! Happy February :)

  10. Oh, both of your ornie finishes for this month are gorgeous and thanks for the link to the freebie, Mary. Love your new SAL but had no idea which one it was. You girls are so productive - so lovely to look back at what you stitched last year. Can't wait to see what February brings.

  11. Just wonderful snowmen!!It was great seeing the review. You have both stitched some lovely designs!! Plus I love the way you finish them.

  12. Both of you have embroidered great winter motifs, thank you, dear Mary, that it is my freebie. The two small pillows are very well designed, nice highlights.
    Oh how nice, we have infected you with a SAL, I will now enthusiastically follow your SAL.
    I hug you both, Martina.
    PS - may i have a foto of your Work, Mary, Thank you

  13. I know what your SAL piece is and I love it! :). I hope you both have as much fun stitching it as I did.

  14. Nice to meet you, what lovely stitching for each month. Good luck with your SALs

  15. Coucou, tu as un blog magnifique ! wow ! Je n'ai pas encore tout vu ... tu peux être fière de ton travail. Bises

  16. WOW it's like opening a big box of chocolates , when I come over to your blog . Mary and yourself do some wonderful stitching and your finish is always wonderful .
    I am in heaven just looking thank you both.

  17. Both ornaments are so very pretty!

    Your stitch-a-long it will be so fun to follow!! One of my favourites designers! I hope to see also the other complementary piece stitched ;)

    Thanks for the review, wonderful projects! How adorable the birds and bees review!

    Happy weekend!

  18. I just love, love, love both of the snowman ornaments! Great linen you stitched on RJ and thanks for the link to the cute freebie Mary!!

    Cool idea for you two to have a SAL on the pattern you both loved so much. I look forward to seeing more. I admit I did not know what it was but have read thru the comments here and looked it up!

    Love the recap too, gives everyone the opportunity to see the lovely ornaments you two stitched again.

  19. Que de broderies enchanteresse,mais que vois je ,un petit lapin,c'est charmant! voilà que le printemps fait son apparition,tant mieux.Plein de nouvelles couleurs.
    Je vous souhaite un bon SAL,
    Belle semaine a vous dux

  20. Gorgeous ornies once again. I love the spotty fabric but sorry to hear it's a little tricky to stitch with.
    Thanks for the freebie link, some cute ornies of that blog.
    I don't recognise the SAL piece but shall follow with interest!

  21. I’m in love with both ⛄️. Who doesn’t need more snowmen in her life. I have gathered quite a few winter smalls, but sadly I’m making myself finish current projects first. The good news is that 2019 may be my year for smalls. Yippee! Judy

  22. Love both of your snowmen and have to agree that the dotted fabric is perfect as a"snowy" background but difficult to see the linen threads under the panted "dots". As usual, your finishing is perfection and I can't wait to see the progress on your SAL. Your smalls review was very enjoyable--thanks!

  23. Gorgeous post ladies! I love the snowman Mary and will be saving that one when I'm next at the computer. RJ I've stitched Snow Love too but not finished mine, I'll be coming back here to shamelessly pinch your ideas when I do!
    What a fantastic idea to do a SAL, I didn't recognise the design but it's very pretty. I can just picture you both with the timers out waiting until your needle hits the fabric!

  24. Quel bonheur de regarder tous ces ouvrages. Ils sont magnifiquement mis en valeur avec les finitions que vous leur avez apportées.
    Merci Mary pour ton passage et ton petit mot sur mon blog, cela m'a fait très plaisir.
    Je m'abonne à ton blog afin de venir voir toutes tes merveilles.

  25. Both are wonderful snowman ornaments. Love the fabric choice too, a perfect accompaniment. Love seeing your stitching review too.

  26. I don't know how I missed this post...what a couple of great snowmen stitches. Your SAL reminds me of Carriage House Sampling designs. I enjoyed your review of your monthly stitches - you two do such nice work and as you each has unique tastes we get to see a wide variety of designs and finishes.

  27. Oh yeah, snowmen! I do love them a lot, the stitched ones. I'm not really fond of winter and snow but I love to stitch winter themes. When my kids were still young we were building many snowmen and igloos with them but nowadays I prefer staying inside when it's cold outside. Both your snowmen are so sweet, Great stitching and finishing.
    I love SALs with friends a lot and always have to be careful not to join too many of them, lol. At the moment I have two SALs going and they are definitely very motivating. That's what I love about these personal SALs - and I love the emails going out and coming in showing our progress.
    I don't know what design you both are stitching together but it's a lovely one.
    Thanks for the review of all your smalls of last year.

  28. Adorable snowmen ornaments with pretty finishes, thank you for the link. I´ve never stitched on dotted fabric as we can´t get it where I live. I don´t know what the SAL pattern is but I like the trees so far. Great 2017 work.

  29. RJ and Mary... I am SO late posting this comment! I'm so sorry. I start reading your blog and I want to savor it, so sometimes I leave off in the middle and come back later. This time, time just got away from me. You know what's so great about your finishes? You shed light on patterns that I overlook. So often I like the way you finish your projects better than the way they are finished on the product pages. And when I see something you've stitched (like that gorgeous blackbird from "Gathering Basket" - Nov 2017), I think, "How did I miss that on 123stitch?" Keep up the great work, ladies. You inspire me.


  30. I love the dotty fabric used in Snow Love, it's perfect for winter designs :)

  31. I really like your new decorative designs! it's so beautiful so much and good idea on site.