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Saturday, June 16, 2018

June Post One

Styling with Stitches

What's Stitching
SAL reveal

We are FINALLY BACK and thrilled to be so.   It was a rough two months but we are working our way back to "blog form".   And, we will be visiting with all of you and seeing all that we missed.   We truly missed each of you.

June is our "Birds and Bees" month which is always a fun post.   For our Styling with Stitches post we have stitched Mrs. Maguire patterns.   We made them to be basket covers and we hope you like them.  Mrs. Maguire charts are primitive but they are whimsical and sweet too.

Hope you all have been well and had time to work in your gardens and enjoy the tweeting of the birds and the buzzing of the bees. We will have another post at the end of the month and it is our big give away so don't miss that one.  We are calling it "A Few of our Favorite Things" and they will relate to our favorite stitching items with a bird and bee theme.


Styling With Stitches

RJ's Mrs. Maguire

Mrs. Maguire's Garden was my first Pineberry stitch and I enjoyed it very much.  Our theme this month is birds and bees and this garden pattern had neither so I changed the top corner designs to bees and added a tiny bee button on one of the flowers.   I finished it with a soft brown background fabric with tiny white flowers with a golden yellow center.  It brought out all the colors in the stitch.  I also added a tiny brown check bow on the right corner with a beehive button. At the last minute I decided to put it on a vintage watering can instead of a basket.   I just added sunflowers to the watering can for a simple and prim finish.

I found this French watering can at a Flea Market in St. Louis.  It holds a casual gathering of sunflowers.

Mrs. Maguire is mighty prim and sweet watering her flowers!  Can you see the little bee button on the flower on the left?  I also added the stitched bees in the top corners and the bee hive button on the bow at top to fit our monthly theme.

Mrs. Maguire's Garden
by Pineberry Lane
40 ct. Country Mocha linen
matched over dyed threads to the called for DMC
buttons from 123 stitch


Mary's Mrs. Maguire

Mrs. Maguire-Bee Charmer certainly  gave me a new appreciation for the “prim style” of cross stitch.  I loved the simplicity and charm of this stitch so I wanted to keep the finish simple.  I tacked her onto a Sur-la-table basket that I found on clearance, added a double bow and some pretty flowers.  She now sits on my coffee table where  she will be spending the summer. 

Mrs. Maguire certainly charmed me!

Mrs. Maguire - Bee Charmer
by Pineberry Lane
36 ct. Edinburgh linen in flax
called for DMC threads


There is a third Mrs. Maguire in the series that we thought you might like to see.   We are seriously thinking of adding her to the other two.  The farm theme is so popular right now and this one fits in perfectly.  Has anyone stitched this pattern?
Should we get this one too???


What's Stitching

Mary and I have been shopping for new patterns that we will be stitching in the coming months. We are always anxious to get new ones.  It's like Christmas when they come in the mail.   There are so many fantastic designs out there so choosing is hard.   Luckily we always love the same ones.  Here are just a few of our new purchases:
Peppermint and Holly by With thy Needle and Thread

Snow Birds by With thy Needle and Thread

Lessons from Summer School House by With thy Needle and Thread
Basketful of Spring by With thy Needle and Thread

Basketful of Summer by With thy Needle and Thread

Hello Spring by Plum Street Samplers

Hello Summer by Plum Street Samplers

Hello Fall by With thy Needle and Thread

Hello Winter by With thy Needle and Thread


SAL Reveal

They are done !!!   We finished our first SAL together and we are in love with them.   It was truly a lot of fun working with Mary and the stitch was a joy to work on.   We loved stitching with silk threads and our first Kathy Barrick pattern.   Later, we will be getting them framed and we will show them again looking their very best.


And Heaven and Nature Sing
by Kathy Barrick
40 ct. Pecan butter linen
called for silk threads


Mary's SAL
30 ct. mocha linen
called for silk threads



We didn't want to forget about the bird part of this month's theme so we found a really pretty bird stitch for you.   It is by 123 Citrouille.

You will find this sweet pattern here 


Well it felt great to be back blogging after our long absence.  We sure missed it and all of you.   Can't wait to come visit all of you and see your newest stitching.   If you have a blog that we don't know about yet be sure and tell us. We will come by for a visit and add you to our sidebar. Next post is our big give away and we have lots of goodies for the winners.  So we hope to see you.

                                       The Girls from Stitching Friends 


  1. The motif of Maguires Garden is perfect for the beautiful old watering can. Good work. I also like Maguire's Bee Charm very well, because you both chose great motives.
    Your purchases are great, because I can already look forward to your work.
    Congratulations to your first own SAL, you realize that it was fun.
    Big Hugs to you, Martina

  2. Hey, I'm back too with a new little blog, come and check it out :)
    A lovely post with pretty makes (as always) and great new finds on the latest releases. I am rather tempted :)

  3. So happy to have you back, you have both been so missed from blog world .

    What beautiful stitching I love both of your finishes .
    Lovely new stash .
    Hope you are both feeling so much better .

  4. All cute finishes.
    Love the watering can!

  5. Hello Mary, Hello RJ,
    So happy to hear about you. Welcome back.
    I have missed your very much.
    Wonderful stitching as always. I like your new patterns.
    Your SAL finish looks great.
    Have a nice weekend and Hugs to both. Manuela

  6. Hello Mary & RJ, so glad to see you back. Love your stitching and your finishes. Love the idea of the watering can and basket. Thanks so much for sharing and happy stitching.

  7. Oh I was so excited when I saw your new post listed on my blog roll!! I love the finishes for Mrs Maguire. I am moving away from framing things as my house is almost full so I enjoy seeing other options. I love Peppermint and Holly. I am going to put it on my wish list right now. My big Christmas project will be Christmas Quaker 2 if I do not chicken Smoky Mountain Christmas is in Time out right Your SAL pieces are just beautiful. I cannot gush enough this morning over your girls. So glad you are back and enabling all of us stitchers to purchase and stitch more

  8. Hello RJ and Mary....

    Welcome back! It was a wonderful surprise to see your post this morning! I have missed you both ❤️

    Your stitching is lovely as usual! My,my Mrs. Maguire has a very busy summer what with tending her garden and keeping her bees☺️ Both stitches are just wonderful and they look really great on both the watering can and basket! What fun summer decorating for your homes! Her farm is just precious as well and fits in beautifully with her garden and bee designs! They all have made me smile this morning!

    Your sal stitching also is beautiful! That deer is so adorable! Wonderful job! There is nothing like stitching with friends!

    I am so looking forward to seeing all your new patterns stitched up! Great choices! Thank you for the free pattern as well! Perfect!

    I hope you both have a great weekend filled with all the things that bring you joy! Sending hugs and love your way!

  9. So good to see you both again on your blog. And with your finished SAL. It looks absolutely gorgeous. And I love Mrs Maguire's Bee Charmer. I think that's a very interesting series that Pineberry Lane created. I might buy a chart of this series as well bt not before I will have stitched some of the other Pineberry Lane charts that are in my stash already.
    A great post, ladies, with such a lot to see.

  10. I have missed you two soooooooooooo much!! Please STAY back!❤️ Such darling finishes. Your SAL is wonderful!

  11. It was SO good to see your post this AM. It was a feast for the eyes. You both have been missed. Great finishes and I love your SAL finishes. What super new stash you have picked up! Enjoy your weekend!

  12. Welcome back! So nice to read your new blog post!
    Great stitching! Mrs. Maguire's Garden is lovely! RJ, I love the bow with the little beehive!
    Mary, your basket is so beautiful, love Mrs. Maguire's Bee Charmer!

    So pretty new stash, I really love the Peppermint and Holly design!

    Congratulations for the amazing finish on the Kathy Barrick design! It is so gorgeous!

    Hugs x

  13. Oh I'm infatuated with Mrs. Maguire too... I've stitched both the Garden and the Beekeeper and can't wait to get to the hen can see what I've done's a link...

    Pineberry Lane and With Thy Needle and Thread are 2 of my favorite designers...all your pieces are beatiful and I love how you've displayed them...happy stitching!

  14. So much wonderful stitching!! I really love to see the way you both display your stitching. I have trouble coming up with clever ideas so I love to see the ones you come up with!!

  15. Oh my goodness, it is so good to see y'all. Everything you shared is just adorable. I love your watering can AND basket. The SAL is beautiful. I have purchased two of your new patterns. I want badly to get started on that schoolhouse series.

  16. Yea----so glad to see you girls back and have been missed!!! I love your bee themed stitches ( but I guess you'd know that) Good choices for upcoming projects; I especially liked the Peppermint and Holly..I think it would be a good companion piece for one I'm stitching now. Looking forward to more updates!!!

  17. Such creative finishes for both of you! I could not pick a favorite!

    Great new stash - several I have not seen before.

    Heaven and Nature Sing - both are beautiful finishes and the linen is wonderful on both. Can't wait to see how you get them framed. I haven't taken mine in yet though I am slowly getting some framing completed.

    Completely love the quote at the bottom of this post.

  18. Welcome back - Very pretty finishes you have both made.
    Thank you for visiting with me and leaving such a nice comment.

  19. Welcome back; just in time for the comments being silly on blogger! Lovely ways you've finished off your pieces. The Hello seasons look like they will be a sweet set to complete. Winter is my favorite there.

  20. RJ: Wonderful additions of the bees and bee button, using the watering can for the design is so perfect.
    Your SAL is wonderful, such a beautiful design.
    I love the Barrick designs, did Kathy at one time stop designing around 2010 and did lots of jewelry designing which she still does, I am glad she came back to designing needlework again.
    Her designs are amazing.
    So happy to see a post from you and Mary.


  21. Mary: What a beautiful design, I love the finish, the basket is perfect, totally love the bow, perfect addition.
    Wonderful new stash you ladies have.
    Thank-you for the freebie hook-up.
    I have to post as anonymous google will not let me post a comment any other way.
    I am: I Love To Stitch.


  22. Dear Girls from Stitching Friends,
    I missed you so much, thanks for this great and long post. Today I cannot say, what my favorite is.
    Happy Stitching dear Mary and dear RJ,

  23. Great post and lovely work on the Mrs Maquire´s pieces. Both SAL designs are beautifully finished awaiting their frames and cute freebie.

  24. Welcome back Ladies! You have been missed here in blogland. Great stitching on the Mrs. Maguire's pieces and of course the last one should be added to your stash! Love all your new stash too especially Basketful of Spring!!

  25. What beautiful stitching - it is lovely to see your blogging again.I hope you are both feeling much better x x

  26. I have been traveling and am just now getting around to reading blog posts again. SO EXCITED to see you two back again--and with such lovely finishes :) The Mrs. Maguire pieces are darling--I was actually thinking about getting the bee one myself now that I seem to be doing a bee bowl. And your giant reindeer SAL was a wonderful success--both finishes look great! Will you frame them? I have hesitated beginning that piece due to the giant amount of brown in the deer (I don't like stitching with brown), but I really should just take the plunge.

    So--welcome back and I truly hope this summer heat will chase away all those nasty germs and your health will return to normal again :)

  27. Hi you two! What a wonderful post and the stitches are beautiful....good to hear from you! I'm still on a long hiatus after moving to Leisure World, Seal Beach. I do love it is close to my son's family and that's where I need to be. I don't know when or if I will get back to blogging...stitching has been minimal so far, but I expect to get back into a routine soon!

  28. Welcome back Mary and RJ - I have missed you both! I hope that all is well, or at least much better and you both are able to enjoy stitching and summer weather. Love the Mrs McGuire series - the beeskep and the hens and chicks design. Get it! Get it! Lots of great new stash. The SAL reveal was interesting - as you each put your own spin on the design.

  29. So glad to see a post from you two again. Wonderful Mrs Maguire pieces. The And Heaven and Nature Sing pieces are fabulous. I have mine kitted ready to go ... sometime! Great new stash too, hope we will begin to see some of that stitched soon. Take care both of you. Have a good weekend.

  30. This has been a really lovely blog post - it's great to see you both back. I love the Mrs Maguire piece on the watering can - such a great idea! x

  31. So pretty! RJ and Mary, I love your watering can and basket, and the quilted look on the stitches, too. Definitely has the wheels turning in my brain! Before your "Styling with Stitches" posts, I had pretty much thought that my stitching would be confined to either pillow-type ornaments or framed pieces. I'm still in that rut to some extent, but you have given me some great ideas!

    Your new patterns are great choices! Looking forward to seeing them in the future. I especially love the "Hello" series by Plum Street Samplers. I think I have only stitched one piece by them - "Winter Wienerland" (or is it "Weiner Wonderland"? - haha) - a pillow I made for my niece who has dachshunds. It was a fun stitch - great colors.

    Your reveal is awesome! I saw that completed model at Friendship Crossing in Corvallis, OR, on vacation earlier this year, and it is even more stunning in person, isn't it?

    Have a wonderful week!

  32. Lovely to have you both back, girls and so happy to hear that you are better. Lovely work on Mrs Maguire and love your new stitcheries - lots of lovely designs there. Thanks for the link to the freebie and wow! Your reveal of your SAL is amazing -such beautiful stitching!

  33. I really like your new decorative designs! it's beautiful so much and good idea on site.


  34. Que de beaux ouvrages terminés et mis en valeur superbement grâce aux finitions.
    J'aime beaucoup Plum Street Samplers. Ces nouveaux modèles ne semblent pas encore être arrivés en France. Je vais donc patienter.
    Bravo pour le modèle de Katy Barrick. C'est une splendeur.
    Lorsque je viens sur votre blog j'en repars toujours avec une envie folle de broder les mêmes choses que vous mais j'en ai déjà tellement !!!
    Bisous de France,