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Big Give Away coming the end of June!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

August Post One
Winners of Give Away
Styling with Stitches/Summer
SAL update

Hope all of you have been enjoying the summer months.   It sure seems like it flew by this year.  When Mary and I think of the summer, good times at the beach always come to mind so our Styling with Stitches projects will center around a beach theme.   We also have the winners of the Give Away to announce, an update on our SAL's and a new freebie.


Winners of Give Away:
Outside the USA winner is Martina from Germany
In the USA is Meg from Idaho
Congratulations ladies!!! 


Styling with Stitches

RJ's Summer Ferris Wheel

I've always loved Ferris Wheels...the bigger the better!   My Mom would tell a story of how she would be walking me in my stroller on the boardwalk down the shore.   She said when she was nearing the Ferris Wheel she would walk a few blocks off the boardwalk so I would not spot it.  If I did, I would start chanting Feffa Wheel, Feffa Wheel and want to go on.   No way my Mom wanted to go on the tall Ferris Wheel at Seaside.   But, when my Dad would come down later in the week he could not wait to take his little dare devil daughter high in the air.   When it stopped to let someone on or off, he would actually swing the seat much to my delight!

That Christmas my parents bought me a painted tin Ferris Wheel that I played with all the time.  Years later when we were stationed in California, I spotted my Ferris Wheel in an antique store.   I went right over to look and it cost $399.   I doubt my parents paid $10 for mine.   I asked the lady why it was so expensive when it wasn't even an antique?   She said those type of toys were big collectibles and that was actually a great price.   I could not wait to call my Mom and ask "Mom is my Ferris Wheel still up in the attic"?   Mom's answer: "Oh no I threw that old thing out years ago".  I did not have the heart to tell her what it was worth.

But from that day forth, I really wanted a Ferris Wheel.   It could be just a tiny one that was affordable but I never had any luck.   Then Mothers Day a big box arrived in the mail from our son, Mike.   When I opened it up, I started to was a Ferris Wheel.   But only when I was putting it together did I realize that instead of seats it had photo frames.   The first thing that came to my mind was tiny cross stitches.   I could change it out for the seasons too.   So my first Ferris Wheel is for the summer.   Hope you like it too.

Summer Ferris Wheel

Didn't we all have a pail and shovel to dig in the sand?

Love to watch the sailboats in the bay

Favorite footwear at the beach

Loved building a sandcastle with my Dad moat and all!

One of my favorite things is a beach umbrella.
The beach we go to always waves the American flag.

Patterns from Sam Sarah designs
and Country Cottage Needleworks
over dyed threads in stash
40 ct. Vintage Country Mocha linen


Mary's Beach Stitches

My usual mo-dus operandi is to select my pattern and then find material to display it, this time I worked in reverse order.

While scavenging the streets in my town during "bulk pick-up" week, I found this beachy style frame and knew it would be perfect for my condo in Florida.  ( For those not familiar with bulk pickup week, each Spring the local towns allow you to put your trash/treasures at roadside to be disposed of.)

It is a Spring Ritual for me and many others to peruse the trash looking for "treasures"!!  The irony in this is that I was a yard sale snob and had no desire to buy other people's junk.   But I have now made a complete turnaround in my attitude after my first find of a gorgeous antique bedroom set sitting on the side of the road.   I am now hooked on trolling  the streets for treasures and going to yard sales.

Getting back to stitching, these 2 Cathy Haberman patterns worked quite well for my beach theme. The called for count was 32 which I changed to 36 ct to fit the frame.

Framed Stitches display in NY but will eventually find a home in Florida

Common Florida sight!

Chair stitched with GA Chamomile and GA Evergreen for sign background

Flock Together and On Beach Time
by Hands on Design
36 Country Mocha linen
DMC threads and 2 GA threads


SAL update
We are moving along on our SAL's and loving every minute of it.   This is such a pretty pattern and the threads are so lovely.   It is called Quaker Handework by With Thy Needle and Thread and we are both stitching them on 36 ct. Espresso linen.

This was my first update on our SAL after 11 hours.

And now 14 hours later for a total of 25 hours:

Mary's SAL
My first SAL update after 11 hours.

Second SAL  update after a total of 23 hours.




If you would like to stitch this cute crow in the cornfields, you can find the chart at the Victoria Sampler website.  Just go here  


We thank you for visiting Stitching Friends and hope you will come back and join us again.   Next post will be a Grab Bag which will be a lot of fun. Enjoy the rest of your summer and keep stitching! We will be by to visit with all of you.  If we don't know about your blog please let us know. 

                                             Dance with the waves,
                                             Move with the sea
                                             Let the rhythm of the water
                                             Set your soul free.

                                             Christy Anne Martine


  1. Seriously, you both outdid yourself this week.
    RJ, that Ferris Wheel is precious. The story and then you son coming home with that. I mean you can't beat that!!! What a cute idea to do some seasonal smalls for it!
    Mary, your piece is so pretty. Love the Flock Together one. I chuckled at your yard sale snob statement. I too have been like that, but not my mother. She can find a treasure in there every time.
    The SALs are so pretty too.
    Love when I see your post come up!!!

  2. Oh RJ, I just love your Ferris Wheel story. Mike did great! What a super gift! I love what you did with it!!! Mary! You truly found a gorgeous antique bedroom set?! Oh my!! Wow! I love your finish! Perfect!

  3. Love the Ferris Wheel display with the frames! You might have to come to VA if it turns up missing, RJ. Wherever did Mike find that? And I loved the story about you and the feffa wheel. Mary, your beach piece looks great. I love the story behind it as well. Super progress on your SAL stitches! Congratulations to the winners of the giveaways! I always squeal when I need a new blog post from you two!

  4. I have loved living in the desert of Arizona these past 14 years...but I do miss the ocean…(ex-Rhode Island gal). As for the Ferris wheel NO! except the one at Niagara Falls and the Arizona state fair...they were big but nice.

  5. I love the big wheel (which we call it in England) and the tiny designs inside the frames, it will be lovely coming up with little stitches to put inside. x

  6. Wow, the Ferris wheel is a beautiful piece of decoration, and so wonderfully decorated with small embroidery. So you can always decorate it again.
    You two have chosen a nice pattern for your SAL. And great progress.
    Big Hugs to you both, Martina

  7. The Ferris Wheel looks great. You can change the stitching decoration everytime.
    The beachstitching is so beautiful an the frame is perfect.
    Wonderful progress on your SALs.
    Gratulation to the two giveaway winners.
    Hugs, Manuela

  8. First of all, congratulations to the lucky ladies, winners of your giveaway.
    I love the Ferris wheel!!!! How cool is that :)
    Also love the HOD designs. I have just recently discovered them and bought a few charts. I can't wait to stitch them all. Have a lovely weekend x

  9. First, congrats to the winners and thanks to RJ and Mary for giving us all the opportunity to enter.
    RJ, that ferris wheel (and it's the only kind I'd like to visit) is adorable..what a clever idea...and what a sweet gift from your son!
    Mary, I love that HOD beach series and it looks perfect in your "found" frame!
    Thanks again for another fun filled post ladies!!!

  10. Such beautiful finishes! I love that RJ's son found her Ferris wheel for her! I would have cried too! Mary, your found frame is just perfect for your beautiful stitching.

  11. You ladies have been very busy. That ferris wheel is so cute!! I might ride the new enclosed ferris wheel but over all not a fan of heights!! I really am liking that Quaker Handwork. I am working on my Quaker Christmas right now. I wish I had gone for a smaller thread count. But I will persevere on the 14 count. I get mixed up on Quakers if I am not careful so for that reason I chose Aida. Mary, I love how you framed your beach pieces. I am looking for different ways of finishing my own projects.

  12. Votre Quaker est de toute beauté. Bonne continuation.
    Oh la grande roue ! C'est une très belle idée d'en faire une déco pour chaque saison.
    En France aussi nous avons ce que nous appelons le ramassage des encombrants. J'ai déjà trouvé plusieurs choses intéressantes. Mais hélas parfois je n'ose pas prendre... pourtant il y a des trésors...
    Ce petit cadre trouvé est parfait pour mettre en valeur les broderies d'été.. Ca donne envie de repartir à la plage !

  13. Wonderful stitching I feel going like going on holiday now ha .

    But have to wait a little longer .

    Love the ferris wheel RJ , and Mary your frames look lovely.

    Love your SAL it's growing so beautiful.

    Enjoy your week both .

  14. RJ your Ferris Wheel is lovely, and I love the story behind it. Both of your SALs are growing well; I look forward to seeing more of them x

  15. Congratulations to the winners!

    Wonderful story, RJ! Such a great gift from your son! Love your finish! It will be so nice to see little pieces every season display on the wheel!
    The beach pieces are so lovely too!

    Both of your progress on the stitch-a-long is gorgeous!

  16. Hi, RJ and Mary! As usual, I'm late to the party... but there is a song I love and the lyrics go, "I'm never late to the party if I'm late to the party with you."

    I won the giveaway?! What?! Wow! This NEVER happens. Are you sure? :-) Better double check. Hehe... But wow... thank you, thank you thank you, thank you.

    Your beach-themed items are gorgeous, and Mary, what an awesome frame! (My yard-sale/flea-market experience is hit and miss. I visited my brother in CO a couple of weeks ago and spent HOURS visiting thrift/antique/flea market shops, and found nothing but a simple 5x5 frame to paint. I think I have to be in the right mood, or the creative side of my brain has to be working that day.) The ferris wheel story, RJ, is touching yet heartbreaking. I'm so glad your son sent you a ferris wheel, and I love how you used it to display stitching.

    Your SAL is gorgeous. Can't wait to see the finished product!

    Have a lovely week, RJ and Mary.

    Hugs from Idaho...

  17. RJ...loved your ferris wheel story! And love the summer ferris wheel..awesome! I can see why you cried when you opened that box! true that someone else's junk is a treasure for someone else! That frame is perfect for your beach stitches...

  18. Love your Feffa Wheel memory RJ! And what a thoughtful son you have to gift you your very own doe Mother's Day! Love how you are displaying it.

    Mary I love those beachy pieces you stitched. They look great and you rescued the perfect frame for it from it's demise!

    You are both doing great on the SAL. Congrats to the winners!

  19. You have both stitched wonderful beach designs. The Ferris wheel is a great way to display those designs and Mary, I love your designs and what a pretty frame for them both!

  20. Your Ferris wheel is gorgeous and the fact that your son remembered and got you one is just precious! The two beach themed stitching pieces look fantastic the colours and the frame is perfect!

  21. Oh RJ - Your Ferris wheel story literally made my stomach drop. I remembered being on a Ferris wheel with my 4 or 5 year old nephew and being at the top with the chair swinging back and forth - I was terrified and trying not to show it so as to scare Matt who was just fine. I've never been so happy to get off a ride in my life! That said, I can see why the little Ferris wheel is the perfect gift for you and you have created a charming display. Mary - back to my WIPS I must go as I started 'Flock Together' a couple of years ago and never finished it. Your beach frame is the perfect fit for her designs.

  22. Fantastic beach stitching! Well done to both of you. It's lovely to browse through so many beautiful photos, thank you for sharing. The Ferris Wheel makes for such an unusual (and cute) display for your stitching, what a great idea!

  23. I love your stitchy blog! Thanks for inviting me!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Terri. Mary and I are thrilled to have you join our blog and become a stitching friend. I have added your blog to our sidebar. RJ

  24. Beautiful summer beach stitching. I like the Cathy Haberman designs done by Mary and the wonderful Ferris Wheel - what a great gift and lovely way to show RJ´s pretty stitching.

  25. Another great post from both of you!
    I'm glad my friend Martina won.

    RJ, your Ferris Wheel is sooooooooooooo great!!!! I've never seen anything like this!!!!

    Mary, your beach embroidery is also super beautiful, and the frame looks like a small window.

    Your SAL embroideries are getting more and more beautiful, thank you very much for this interesting post and also for the freebie.

    Hugs from Germany, Jutta

  26. ALL of your beach designs make my heart beat faster!!! This is my second summer living in FL, so I'm all about beach cross stitch now!

    1. Welcome Barbara! So happy you came by to visit with Mary and me. I live in Florida too and Mary has a condo down here. I will be by to visit your blog and follow. RJ

  27. That's a fantastic Ferris Wheel story from your childhood, RJ. And how wonderful that you received such a Wheel from your son. Isn't it great that you can insert some small stitched pieces instead of pictures? And then change them out with the seasons. A very creative idea.

    Mary, you stitched two absolutely great pieces for the unusual frame you found. And they fit perfectly, size-wise and also motif-wise. Such lovely beach designs.

    Great progress both of you made on your SAL piece.

  28. Congrats to the winners~ \:D/

    RJ ~ Lovely ferris wheel story although it's a shame your mom pitched it! I know the feeling from some of my grandmother's items... they're not used and there's no point in keeping them forever! Until they're wanted again sigh :) It will be fun to see your new one switched out for the different seasons.

    Mary ~ Of course we're not dumpster divers ahaha~ I could never be a thrifty snob. Wish I could find a bedroom set though! I'm happy with the sewing machine for now. The beachy window frame is so cute.

  29. RJ, that was so sweet that he sent it to you. You've put the perfect stitching in there and the sea shells make it!

    Mary, yes, that's a wonderful treasure you found! I'm always on the lookout for things like that when out and about.

    Wonderful progress for both of you on your SAL, they're looking great.

  30. Oh RJ... I loved the story about the Ferris Wheel! I had to smile to myself as I pictured your mom walking blocks out of her way to avoid you seeing the Ferris that is what I would have! You love Ferris Wheels as much as I love Carousels! And Mike sending you the Ferris Wheel!!! OMG! What an absolutely perfect and very thoughtful gift! Perfect for your stitching which looks absolutely lovely! This is truly a very special and sentimental Ferris Wheel! ❤️❤️

    Mary I love your frame as well! The beach is always my favorite place to go and anything beach related is something I will surely love! And your stitching is really lovely! The patterns are terrific and both made me smile and they brought back many happy memories of summer, beach days! Wow! Finding an antique bedroom set would have me browsing through the streets as well! I did find a beautiful cherry wood living room table set and Scott came across a beautiful oak desk a few years ago so I know it is! I keep looking for samplers and quilts too!

    Your SAL is looking lovely ladies and I want to congratulate the winners of your giveaway! I also wanted to take a moment and express how much your cards and friendship mean to me right now! You both are just so dear and you hold a special place in my heart! Love you two! Sending hugs and love your way!

  31. RJ: I am feeling your love for Ferris Wheels, I love the one Mike bought for you, what a great way to display your stitching and the memories of the times you were able to ride the Ferris Wheel with your Father.
    Your SAL is coming along, I am anxious to see the framing you do with it.


  32. Mary: I love the frame what a great find, it is perfect for your design which I love.
    I am a troller myself, sometimes you can find great items for free, we have many people in our town and the surrounding small towns who do the same put things roadside for free.
    Thank-you for the freebie.
    Nice SAL progress.
    Congratulations to the winners.


  33. Sorry for the very late comment! Panama was calling to us so we visited our youngest son down there for 10 days...

    Your beach themed finishes are delightful--what a perfect gift the ferris wheel frame was for you, RJ! And it really is a lovely summer display piece with all of the little summer themed stitched smalls :)

    And Mary--I would be right there with you hunting out treasures along the curbs :) I frequented yard sales for many years when our sons were growing up buying used toys, clothing, and books at bargain basement prices. And I've been known to pull an item or two out of someone's trash on garbage pick-up day!!). I love your Hands On Design pieces framed together like that.

    Congratulations to Martina and Meg!! And keep up the great work on your SAL :)

  34. Great beach-themed post but RJ's Ferris Wheel really is the highlight! Especially the story behind why it means to much to her.

  35. The beach themed ferris wheel is so sweet and lovely.

  36. That ferris wheel of your son is priceless, as is your story, RJ! Loved it.
    The stitches are all so sweet and I LOVE your SAL :)