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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

August 31, 2020

August Styling with Stitches
SAL update
Traveling Pattern

Is Labor Day right around the corner?   Can summer really be coming to a close?  It's hard to believe because we have done nothing this summer at all.  Covid has put such a hold on so many plans for so many, weddings, graduations and just a simple night out dining with friends.  But, I am a glass half full kind of person and hold hope that the light at the end of the tunnel is coming.

Happily, it has not stopped any of our community from stitching and I'm so thankful for that.  I find such peace and contentment with needle and floss and I know you all do too.  Mary and I are so grateful to come and visit with all of you and have you stop by to see our newest project.


Styling with Stitches

We have made our theme for August our kitchens.  We are planning to do several stitches that will work well in that room for the next few years.  Our first project is an apron rack.

RJ's Apron Rack

Well Covid made this project interesting.    When we planned it way back last year, I thought I would just go buy a cute rack and add a stitch to it.  But, I have not been able to go to a store for the past six months so a new plan was needed.   First, I looked at all the online craft stores and could not find one.  Then I got a nice coupon for 25 % off from Kirklands and began a search there.   I did not find any racks but I did find this cute photo clip board that I thought maybe I could do something with.  I ordered the clip board online and paid by Pay Pal.  So when you get to the store, you call them and they come out and put the item in your trunk.   It's totally "no contact" shopping.  It's not as much fun as shopping in the store but it worked.

We got it home and took off the middle clips so the stitch could go there.  Then George added three old green glass knobs I had in the house to the bottom for hanging aprons.  After that, I added quilters batting to the matboards and covered one with a print fabric and the other with the stitch.  Some brown ribbon and a house charm were added for some more detail.

In the end, it worked out well and it has an added bonus.  I can change the stitch out at any time to a seasonal or holiday stitch.  And, all it will take is to open the clips!

I bought my apron in Provence in a cute lavender store

Closeup of "Sweet Southern Home"

Sweet Southern Home
by Old South Graphs
40 ct. vintage country mocha linen
overdyed floss from stash


Mary's Apron Rack

Despite Covid this has been a very hectic Summer for me and unfortunately, I had very little stitching time. Hence, the tiny project!  This cute little birdhouse plaque and hook was a find from Michael's a year or two ago, I bought it with no project in mind and was so happy to find it in my stash.   I think this would make a cute hostess gift with a pretty apron.  In fact, my apron was a gift from RJ a few years ago!    The stitch is a Blackbird Designs strawberry pattern called Wild Berry.  

Wild Berry
 by Blackbird Designs
25 ct country mocha linen 2/2 

called for floss


SAL Update

Only Faith was able to complete her SAL monthly design this month.  We are happy to show this adorable stitch.  Thanks Faith for keeping the SAL going.  I know Mary will join you again next month.


Traveling Pattern

We have a new extra feature this month we hope you will enjoy.

Arlene of Nanaland blog passed on to me Heart in Hand's, Autumn Whirligig. We thought it would be a neat idea to pass it on to another blogger and after they stitch it and they pass it on to another

So, the idea was born of "The Traveling Whirligig's."    RJ and I bought the rest of the Whirligig series and we will be randomly selecting a recipient to start it's travel. And then it will travel on to all who have signed up.

It will be fun to see how far and wide the patterns have traveled and how many of you stitch them.  We will include a recording sheet, just add your name, date you completed it and your state or country and then we will give you the name and address of the next person to stitch it.

To participate just let us know if you are interested in the comment section or by email so you can give us your mailing address.


Thank you all so much for stopping by to see us today.  We really appreciate your visits.  Hope you are all staying safe.   We'll be by to see what you have been stitching.    Hope you will all sign up for the traveling pattern.  It should be fun and there will be one for every season to enjoy.

                                                  Stitching Friends 


  1. What great ideas you both had!! And in the midst of covid no less. I love the idea of the traveling whirligigs. I have stitched all of them so I look forward to seeing how others finish them. Happy Birthday that I know September 1st is your birthday. Mary I hope you get more stitching time. I am working on several things right now. I need to get some more finishes as I just placed a big 123 Stitch order. ( My bad) lol

  2. Love your great finishes. The traveling whirligigs sounds like fun. I don't have any of the charts. I would love to be entered.


    1. Welcome Linda! We are so happy you came by to see us. Of course, we will add your name to our list. We just need you to send us your mailing address so the chart can be mailed your way. Thanks. RJ

  3. I would love to participate in the traveling whirligigs. The birdhouse and clipboard finishes sure are cute.

  4. I know it wasn't quite as planned but your finishes are just darling! You both are so creative and I love seeing what you come up with!

  5. Hello both , you have been busy with your stitching and the finishing.
    What great ideas really love the way you both put your own
    different ways to hold your tea towels .
    I would love to join the traveling whirligigs too.
    Looks great fun.
    Have a wonderful week big hugs.

  6. Both of your projects are so pretty & unique.
    Congrats to Faith for keeping up with the SAL.

  7. Well, you two are the epitome of when handed a pile of lemons, you make lemonade....your projects are both adorable!!!! Well done!

  8. Both apron hanger ideas are simply adorable. I love both stitches. That was such a great idea to put a stitch in something you could find useful in the kitchen. I love the whirligig but with my life right now I would hold up the bus so I will pass for now.

  9. Love both of your apron racks/hangers! And I like what Stasi said about taking lemons and turning them into lemonade on these projects. Well done! Faith's block looks super.

    I like the idea of your traveling pattern. I would be interested, but would prefer to wait until 2021.

  10. Mary: What a lovely finish, I love the hook at the bottom of the frame. the design is perfect with the braid around the edge.
    I would love to do a traveling pattern.

    Stay healthy


  11. RJ: It is hard shopping from home, you did a wonderful job finding the frame and a 25% discount, wow.
    It is a perfect finish, the knobs on the bottom are beautiful, are they vintage? just curious.
    It is wonderful Faith kept the SAL going.
    I still use aprons.
    I am interested in doing the traveling pattern.
    Stay healthy


  12. Oh the apron racks are darling! Very clever! And it is wonderful to see the tradition of a traveling pattern come back! I remember when we used to do that when I first started blogging. I miss that. I should start one of those up some time soon also. I give patterns away so often..

  13. What a great idea for an embroidery, an apron shelf. Your finishes are wonderful.
    A nice idea with the traveling patterns, I would also like to take part, that's sure to be great fun.
    Hugs to you, Martina

  14. RJ and Mary, I love your apron-hanger projects. What a great idea! (Mine just hangs on a hook in the pantry.) RJ, I love the colors and the lavender accessories with yours, and Mary, the house is the perfect fit and finish.

    Faith’s stitching is lovely as always, and do not worry, I hear that August will come around again, so you’ll have another chance to stitch that month’s addition. 😉

    I would love to be part of The Traveling Whirligigs! Sounds like a great name for a folk band.

  15. Your finishes are so beautiful. Nice ideato stitch for the kitchen.
    Have a nice weekend and enough time to stitch.

  16. What cute apron racks! I love both of them very much. Thank you for displaying my SAL piece. I would love to be a Traveling Whirligigger so please add my name to the list and thanks!

  17. Both embroideries are so lovely! Well done
    Have a nice weekend...I started thinking about my Christmas cross stitch

  18. Love your very different ideas for the challenge. We have all had to become more adaptable this year!
    I haven't done a travelling pattern for years, I'd love to go on the list for this one.

  19. Two lovely embroideries making apron racks more interesting. I like the pretty glass knobs George has added and the Wild Berry design stitched by Mary. Great idea.

  20. Love both of your apron racks.

    RJ ... do you think your first choice of finish would of come out as good as your clipboard apron rack?

    Mary ... love the BBD flower.

  21. Lovely stitching and finishing - you both do such beautiful work

  22. De bien jolies finitions pour ces charmants modèles brodés.
    L'été touche hélas à sa fin... Cela me rend un peu morose car je ne m'épanouie qu'au soleil et à la chaleur... La pluie, le froid, le gris, la neige ce n'est vraiment pas fait pour moi !
    Quelle idée sympathique ce modèle voyageur. J'adore !!
    A bientôt,
    Amitiés de France,

  23. I can't believe today is Labor Day either, RJ and Mary! For me, it really doesn't seem like we had summer as I was so busy out in CA with the new baby and then my mom died and I just haven't felt very cheerful like I usually do in the summer. But, now September is here which really is my favorite month. I saw that your birthday was last week RJ--so Happy Birthday to you!

    Good for Faith for keeping up with the SAL--that is one reason I don't usually join them as I know I would never keep up :) Her finish is darling.

    I hope you have good luck with the traveling pattern. I did this a few times way back in my early blogging life--it was okay for a while, but someone always dropped the ball and the pattern disappeared. It will be fun to see where it has traveled :)

    Hope you two are having a lovely September so far ♥

    Love both of your apron racks... I just have my apron (which I rarely use for some reason) hanging on a nail in my pantry--ha ha! I really have very little wall space in my kitchen so I don't think this would work for me, but yours both turned out great.

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  25. Hi Mary and RJ! First of all, I love your apron racks! And I loved too your idea of the travelling pattern, so it would be great to take part of this challenge! Could you add my name? Thanks. Take care and Stay safe.

  26. Those apron racks are just adorable. You ladies are so clever!

  27. Ciao Rj, grazie di passare sempre nel mio blog e di tutti i bellissimi commenti che mi scrivi. Ultimamente sono molto impegnata e non sempre riesco a visitare tutti...comunque ogni tanto faccio un giro ed ho visto quanti bellissimi progetti hai realizzato. Purtroppo anche qui il Covid ha impedito di fare molte cose , però andiamo avanti... è bellissima la lavagna porta grembiule di legno. Hai proprio tanta fantasia. Ti auguro tanta salute e felicità.

  28. Mi piacciono moltissimo le vostre rifiniture, sono venute così bene! In bocca al lupo per gli schemi viaggianti, è una bellissima idea

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