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Saturday, July 29, 2017

July Stars and Stripes
week four

Something New

July is such a fun month...picnics, the beach and fireworks!  We have two new patriotic stitches to share.   One is an ornament and the other is framed.

RJ - I stitched a sweet pattern called Glory by Shepherd's Bush for my new July ornament.   A child holding the American flag steals my heart every time!   This stitch went very quick and was enjoyable to finish too.  I stitched Freedom to make the stitch abit longer. I added pretty cotton lace and some vintage buttons.  I tried my best to do a herringbone embroidery stitch between the fabrics but I must admit I was not satisfied with my first attempt as it got bigger and bigger as I stitched across the fabric.   But after a second try, I liked it a lot!  I finished it with pleated ribbon for a hanger, a star ribbon bow and a cute little wavy flag charm.  It has become one of my very favorite small ornaments.

Plumbago from our garden accompanies the Glory ornament 

I added crocheted lace, vintage buttons, a herringbone stitch and a cute little wavy flag charm.   

I wanted to show you a closeup of the really cute fabrics Mary sent me...they were perfect!

Found the star ribbon in Hobby Lobby and the charm on Etsy

by Shepherd's Bush
32 ct. lambswool linen
over dyed threads I liked
fabrics from Mary

Mary - Red, White and Bloom is by Country Cottage Needleworks and my new July stitch.  I used the called for thread and linen.  I framed it myself with a rustic Michael's frame that I thought worked well with the cocoa linen.  Framing 30 count linen, is not easy. It was difficult trying to get the threads to lay evenly and became quite a challenge!

Although I love how this cross stitch turned out, I became bored while stitching it.  I'm not sure why but maybe I like to change colors more often.  I'd love to hear if this happens to anyone else.   

I made a holiday arrangement to go with my new stitch.

Linen color is accurate in this photo

Red, White and Bloom
By Country Cottage Needleworks
30 ct. Weeks cocoa linen
called for threads

Have a great week friends.   Our next post will be our big project to start the month of August.   We have some nice projects planned.  As always thanks so much for stopping by.    Mary and RJ

                               From every mountain side, let freedom ring 
                                                     Samuel F. Smith


  1. I like your two embroideries, the small finish of RJ looks great with the buttons and the herbingbone stitch. With Mary I like the frame very well, it fits perfectly to the whole motif.
    Big Hugs, Martina

  2. Wonderful two little finishes.
    Happy Weekend.

  3. Lovely pieces..especially like Glory..just perfection!

  4. Ladies, your pieces are perfect....perfect frame for Mary's and perfect finishing for RJ's (you definitely won't have to give this a face lift in a few years). Can't wait to see what's coming in August!

  5. RJ- love the little details in the ornament. The herringbone stitch came out very nicely.
    Mary- I love that pattern. The boredom thing happens to me as well. Sometimes I wonder if it isn't a timing thing. Like did I finish just before the time I wanted to have it out if it is a seasonal thing. Who know, but it happens?!

  6. Well done RJ with the herringbone stitch! I just love, love, love your embellishments. Mary I think that is a very pretty piece and well framed by you!

  7. Love the patriotic finishes! The "Red White And Bloom" just reminds me that I have stitched this and need to frame it! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work!

  8. Both are of your patriotic stitches are super. RJ, I really like how you finished your little ornament pillow. Mary, Weeks' linen tends to be 'wimpy' (my opinion). I have a friend who will give it a light spraying of starch which tends to 'firm' it up a bit. That might be worth trying if you frame anything stitched with that type of linen. Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Wow! Love these patriotic stitches! RJ, yours is the old-fashioned touches...Perfect! Mary, yours is a bit more modern and I love it! Yes, changing colors in a red, white and blue patriotic piece probably isn't going to happen!

  10. Lovely smalls, ladies. I can't wait to see what your large project is.

  11. These are two great little stitches. I love the finishes on that little pillow. I have only gotten bored with one Irish saying for my mom that was almost all shades of green.


    wünsche noch einen schönen TAG
    bis bald die BIRGIT aus TIROL

  13. Hi RJ and Mary,
    Both of you have stitched such lovely pieces for July! I love both Shepherds Bush and Country Cottage Needleworks and both of these pieces just made me smile! The way you framed and embellished them are just perfect as usual... oh yes you both have inspired me again! Thank you for all of your lovely posts! I truly look forward to each one! You are both so very talented and I so appreciate all you both put into your needlework. I can just feel the love and enjoyment you get fro your needlework!
    I hope you have a good week ahead!
    Sending hugs and love!

  14. RJ, your ornament is very pretty! Love the lace with the vintage buttons!Great work with the herringbone stitch, it looks fantastic!
    Mary, how lovely your framed piece! I really love stitching on weeks dye works linen.

    Have a great week! Hugs,

  15. Great stitching Ladies and love the way you tied everything into July! Looking forward to seeing the August theme.

  16. Lovely smalls, ladies. I can't wait to see what your large project is.


  17. Two great finishes! Love the lace and the buttons....such a sweet little pillow.

  18. Both are wonderful finishes.

    Mary ... love the flower arrangement.

  19. Oh my gosh, what a lovely lovely finishes!!! Too cute :)

    Love, Carolien

    P.S. I am halfway in 'Pillars of the earth', grins. Was on my wishlist for a long time, thanks for reminding me, it worked ;)

  20. Love both of the designs. That herringbone looks great to me. I have never tried doing that with a pinkeep. It looks so good. The framed piece is equally pretty.

  21. Awesome blog, i always enjoy & read the post you are sharing!
    Thank for your very good article...!


  22. Glory is such a nice little chart. And the way you finished it is quite spectacular. I love all the different embellishments you added to the little pillow.
    Red, White and Bloom looks gorgeous in its frame.

  23. Bonjour,

    je viens de m'abonner à votre joli blog, le petit coussin Glory est très joli, et le tableau aussi, bravo !


  24. Well, both of these are just beautiful! RJ, as you know, I often finish my little pillows like this and I do love the fabrics and little bow that you used. It is just such a charming little pillow :)

    And, Mary, your RW&B finish may have been boring, but you would never know it--I love how the white pops on that cocoa fabric! Just perfect!

    Hope you are both enjoying this new month--can hardly believe that summer is winding down and school will be back in session very soon!

  25. Two more great ornies for July. I love the fabrics and trims RJ used for her ornie.

  26. Beautiful as always! I saw Red, White and Bloom somewhere else recently. It's such a pretty stitch.

  27. Love all red,white and blue stitching , your finish is amazing .
    What a lovely post.

  28. Two beautiful finishes! RJ I love all the little details on your finish, the flag and the ribbon just really set it off.
    Mary - I really really love Red White and Bloom and have had my eye on it for a while even though I'm in the UK not the US (and patriotic stitching is not as popular here). I think it's perfect. I like stitching in blocks of colour and get annoyed if I have to change for just a stitch or two!

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