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Friday, July 7, 2017

July Stars and Stripes
Week one

July is a special month because we celebrate our country’s birthday.   Our flag is very dear to our hearts and we really enjoy making patriotic stitches.  We hope you all had a very Happy Fourth of July! 


We chose two different projects to make this month.  One is a patriotic flower bag and the other is a paperweight.  The flower bag pattern will be part of our give away.   The paperweight is also included to be used with any stitch you wish to put in it.  Both of these projects were fun to stitch.   The only hard part was choosing from all the great patriotic patterns that are offered.

RJ’s flower bag:   This pattern is called Liberty House by Homespun Elegance.  It called for hand stitching the seams on the outside, but I decided to add seam allowances and stitch it by machine and then turn it inside out.   I also added plaid fabric at the bottom, a coordinating plaid with stars above the stitch and a coffee dyed ticking fabric cuff at the top. After turning the cuff down,  I attached one of my favorite USA charms to it.  Then I added some plaid straps stitched on with buttons.   It makes a cute flower bag to hang on your door and greet your visitors. 

Love the sweet little flag!

Closeup of USA charm stitched to cuff 

I was thinking it would make a great housewarming gift if you changed the ABC to the monogram of the family and change the 1776 to the year they moved into their home.

I hung it on a bookcase but it would look great on your front door

Closeup of blue wood buttons added to the plaid strap 

Liberty House
by Homespun Elegance
22 ct. over two Ariosa fabric
mostly called for over dyed threads

cute flag made by a friend



Mary's paperweight:  I used  "Patriotic Scissor Pocket" by The Scarlet House to display under my paperweight.  The little flag, bird and flower stitch was the perfect size using 40 count linen to fit in the paperweight.  This was a Thank You gift for a friend that served our country in the Air Force as a career officer.  I hope he likes my small token of appreciation.

This is the paperweight that will be in the give away that you can put your own stitch in.

Patriotic Scissor Pocket
by The Scarlett House
40 ct. flax Newcastle linen
called for DMC threads

Next week we will be showing our old ornaments made new.   We hope you will join us.
                                                              RJ and Mary

 This nation will remain in the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave
                                               unknown author


  1. Wonderful patriotic stitching. Thanks for giving all the detailed info on the bag. Both projects were great!! What a nice gift for someone who gave so much to our country!

  2. beautiful patriotic pieces! love them ♥
    happy weekend!

  3. You have chosen two great motifs for your celebrations. The idea for the flowers I find very successful.
    Nice weekend to you both.

  4. Two wonderful and lovely finishes.
    Nice weekend for you.

  5. Just lovely are they both❤️🇺🇸, nice idea on the house warming gift...
    Happy weekend 🌻

  6. These are both beautiful and excellent!

  7. Now I want a paper weight and a flower bag!! Love your stitching as usual. I am moving on to some fall stitching so I can get them finished by then.

  8. What fabulous patriotic stitches you both created! RJ, your bag turned out great. Mary, what a wonderful gift to give to your friend.

  9. Fabulous projects in the spirit of our great country!

  10. I love your finishes, great job!

  11. RJ: What a lovely finish, I love the ticking so sweet and vintage looking, beautiful USA charm, perfect, love the buttons.
    I hope you are having a great vacation.


  12. Mary: Your paper weight is perfect, I love the way the glass makes the flag look like it is really waving.
    I am sure your friend will love it.


  13. Hi Mary and RJ...
    I am just now catching up on my blog reading and totally fell in love with your patriotic stitching! I love the bag and the paperweight...they are just sooo precious! I love the time you spent finishing them, all the little details are so worth the extra effort! You two inspire me every time you post! Thank you!
    Patriotic stitching always touches my heart in a sentimental Dad served in the Korean War in the Air Force and to this day I live to hear his stories about that time in his life!
    Sending hugs and love your way!

  14. Beautiful pieces ladies! I love how you both put so much thought in each piece you stitch and think of great display ideas.

  15. Charmantes broderies toutes deux!
    Le presse papier me plaît beaucoup avec sa broderie inclue!on ne trouve pas cela en France .
    Je vous souhaite a toutes les deux une délicieuse semaine

  16. Both pieces are beautifully stitched and finished!!

  17. Ah, Independence Day or National Ingratitude Day as we British think of it LOL You have chosen some lovely items to celebrate your day. I really like the paperweight, that's an nice, unusual finish for a small design.

  18. There are SO many wonderful patriotic designs. You've both worked on two that are new to me. Great finishes - thanks for sharing.

  19. RJ! Mary! I finally made it over here! I can only apologize for taking so long. Your blog is GORGEOUS! Beautiful stitching, you guys. Loving your patriotic finishes! :D

  20. Both pieces are beautiful!! Great work, Mary and RJ!

  21. I just love patriotic stitching and these two finishes are so delightful, RJ and Mary! I hope you're both enjoying your July--hard to believe it is almost half over!!

  22. Two great patriotic pieces that you finished. Great job by both of you.

  23. Two more beautiful stitches! I love the little details you always add to your finishing, like the blue buttons and charm on RJ's flower bag.
    Mary I'm sure your friend will love and appreciate the gift you made for him.

  24. Beautiful pieces ladies! I love how you both put so much thought in each piece you stitch and think of great display ideas.