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Monday, September 18, 2017

September Friendship
Week two

Mary's Grab Bag - Interview with a Finisher

I think one of the greatest compliments you can give someone is that you have been inspired by them.  Faye, who blogs at Carolina Stitcher,  has certainly inspired us.  We look forward to each new post and she never fails to delight with her finishing.  

Before we started our blog, I asked Faye if we could interview her for our future blog and we were thrilled when she accepted.  
Meet Faye! 
      Thanks for the opportunity to do this interview! When I was about 12, my Mom taught me how to sew. Then in high school I was very involved in Future Homemakers of America. I was hooked!  I graduated from N.C. State University majoring in textiles which fed my love for fabric, thread and creativity.  After college I began stitching. My mentor was Edna Medlin of Threads of Gold Designs.  She taught me so much. I also model stitched for her shop.  Her love of reproduction samplers rubbed off on me. She passed away a couple of years ago but she touched the lives of many N.C. and Va. stitchers.  As my retirement journey begins, you'll see me stitching more and finishing more. As my Carolina Stitcher products (project bags and stitcher rolls)become more popular, I may begin inventorying them for last minute buys. Until then, all my products are made lovingly on an individual basis.  

How long have you been stitching?  40 years
Who taught you? I am self taught
Do you have a favorite designer? Threadwork Primitives by Nan Lewis
How long have you been finishing for others? I began Carolina Stitcher finishing in 2010
Do you ever get nervous when finishing a stitch that you will make a mistake and ruin the stitch? I take a deep breath each time I cut someone else's precious linen.
What is your favorite part of finishing? My favorite part is envisioning something unique and special, then gathering supplies. 
Where do you find your finishing inspiration? Like everyone, I see projects finished by designers and others, then I put my special spin on things.
Do you ever tire of finishing? No....
Do you have a stitching buddy? Linda Page of NC is my #1 stitch buddy, travel buddy and assistant at retreats. 
Have you ever thought of designing your own patterns? I'm considering designing-
What brand sewing machine do you use? I use Singer machines but my first was a Kenmore. A gift from my Mom. 
Do you have a favorite brand of fabric that you use in your finishing? I use good quality cottons, Moda primarily. 
What is your favorite linen to stitch on and do you ever stitch on aida? I started on Aida but  quickly went to linen. 40 ct Lakeside Linen is my go to linen.
What product do you use to hold your fabric, in hand, qsnaps, other? I use a 6"wood hoop that a good friend from France gifted me 10 years ago. (Manufacture unknown)
Have you ever entered your stitches in a fair? No
Have you ever been published? Cross stitch magazine, etc? Cross Stitch magazine wrote an article about me June 2016. This was a UK publication, issue 262.
You are obviously great at time management, any tips to offer on that? I'm organized. I have to stay that way. Fortunatly as a teacher, those organization skills come naturally. 
Do you know the number of stitches you have finished for yourself and others? LOL..too many to know. 
What do you find most rewarding about stitching? Finishing? Stitching and finishing are relaxing for me. 
Have you ever been commissioned to stitch for a designer? Absolutely! I have been honored to do commissioned stitching for designers many times. 
Where do you purchase your great trims and fabrics? On trips, online.
What are your other hobbies and interests? I enjoy traveling and reading.
We are looking forward to your retirement because it means even more great posts from our favorite finisher, what are you looking forward to in your retirement? As a retired educator, I hope to finish more, relax more and shorten my turnaround times. 

Thank you so much Faye for participating in our first interview. One can see that you put your heart and soul into your finishing and stitching. It's so nice to learn more about a kindred stitcher and  we are so happy you took time to share with us and our followers.   

We hope you enjoyed learning more about Faye.  I have used Faye for several finishing projects and her work is impeccable.  She truly brings your projects to life.    You can find her blogging at  If you have never been to her blog before you are in for a treat!

                            A small sampling of Faye's finishing talents

Faye's lovely needle bag
Her choice of trims and fabrics are always lovely
Quaker rounds collection
Her heart shaping is perfect!
Stitcher roll and project bag

             "A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you." 
                                                      Elton Hubbard

Thanks for visiting and taking time to comment.  We love hearing from you!  Next week we will be showing our "oldies made new".  We hope to see you then.   Mary and RJ


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