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Saturday, September 30, 2017

September Friendship
Weeks three and four

Something Old Made New
Something New
Christmas Challenges
Free Pattern

We had some delays this month because of Hurricane Irma and computer problems so this week will be a "jam packed" post.  We are combining weeks three and four together.  Enjoy!!!

Something Old Made New

RJ's -   For my old ornament, I chose Six Little Cardinals by Little House Needleworks.  Cardinals have a very special meaning to me so whenever I see a pattern with one I want to stitch it.   This particular pattern was a really quick and easy stitch and a lot of fun to do.   I used all the called for thread colors.  


After:  To dress up my old ornament, I added some pleated satin ribbon that Mary had from stamping , double check bows and tiny jingle bells.  It's still taking me forever to hand stitch trim all the way around an ornament.   Any tips?

Six cardinals with pleated ribbon, double bows and tiny jingle bells

Six Little Cardinals
Little House Needleworks
35 ct. weeks cocoa linen
called for threads


Mary's -  My old ornament update was a free Shepherd's Bush pattern.  You will find it here:


After:  I kept the update simple to keep with the simplicity of the stitch.  A piece of cording that I had on hand and a wooden heart button dresses up this quick, fun stitch.
Free Shepherd Bush pattern
40 ct. country mocha linen
mixture of DMC and over dyed threads

Something New

RJ's - For my new stitch for our friendship month, I'm showing a really sweet stitch called Stitching Friends Forever by Lizzie Kate.  When I saw this pattern I knew I had to have it.   It was a hard one to find but one night I found it on Ebay and bought it quickly.  It's like it was designed for our blog.   Cute story:  I made it for Mary and then a few months later the same stitch came with the same frame in the mail to me.   Mary said "You have to have one too"!  At first I thought she was sending the one I made her back to me.   It was only when I looked closer that I realized there was a different pair of scissors on it.  So I'm actually showing you the one Mary made for me but the one I sent her is almost identical.
Sweet stitch in our favorite Kohl's frame which allows a charm to fit under glass

Closeup of Stitching Friends Forever

Stitching Friends
Lizzie Kate

40 ct. vintage country mocha linen
called for over dyed threads


Mary's -  These two pieces complete the Valentine Sampler series by Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle and Thread that I gifted RJ.   Faye of Carolina Stitcher worked her magic yet again.   I love how she added the heart stitch to a box that she painted and lined with a fabric that coordinated so well with the stitch.

Thank you Faye yet again for your wonderful creative vision.  I was thrilled with your finishing and I know RJ was also.
Lovely pin cushion that has embroidered X's all around the seams

You can see the beautiful heart box in this photo along with the rest of the sewing group.

Christmas Challenges

RJ's - I really fell in love with this sweet little sewing Santa by Homespun Elegance.   It is called Santa Please Bring Me from 2008.  I used over dyed threads that I had on hand that looked close to the called for colors.   When it is finished into an ornament, it will have a cute pair of scissors that came with the pattern.      
Closeup of Santa Please Bring Me...scissors will be added to his hand
Santa Please Bring Me
2008 ornament collection
Homespun Elegance
mystery cream linen
over dyed threads I had

Mary's -  This is the second Prairie Schooler Barnyard ornament that I have stitched for my little nephew.  I used called for DMC threads with the exception of GA Gold Leaf for the basket on mystery fabric.  The tail feathers were a challenge.  I initially stitched them vertically, but after spending much time "frogging", I realized that stitching the feathers horizontally was much easier for me.
Prairie Schooler Barnyard
mystery linen
called for DMC and GA Gold Leaf

September Free Pattern

We found this really perfect free pattern called Sister StitcherSince starting our blog, we have certainly become Sister Stitchers.  It was designed by The Primitive Hare.  You can find the chart here:

It's hard to believe we have completed six months of blogging.   It was way more work than we ever thought and way more fun than we ever could dream.    We thank all of you for coming and becoming stitching friends.   Next week will be our October Styling with Stitches.  Hope to see you then. RJ and Mary  

A friend is what the HEART needs all the time
Henry Van Dyke


  1. First--glad things are settling back down after the hurricane. Second, it's amazing what a little make over can do---love your updated stitches. The LK piece is perfect for you two and, I agree you should each have one! :) The Christmas ornaments are adorable! Congrats on 6 months of blogging!!!

  2. I enjoyed this post very much. I enjoy your BLOG very much! Hooray for 6 months you two!! ♥

  3. Wow! Amazing stitches...especially the sister piece just perfect😍 Congratulations on 6 months of blogging...I really enjoy so thank you for sharing 🌻🌻

  4. I enjoyed this post very much. I like the work of you both, you allways show so many differnt and lovely pattern. I like the changes of you old to new, it is a great idea.
    Happy Stitching, Martina

  5. Good to read that you are back to normal after the hurricane. And also that your computer problems are solved.

    It's always fun to see how you two change the look of some older ornaments and make them look fresh just by adding some embellishments and without taking them apart. Great inspiration.
    That friendship piece is wonderful, just perfect to celebrate your friendship. And the Valentine Sampler series looks gorgeous. Great stitching, Mary, and the finishing by Faye ir so perfect.
    Looking forward to seeing your new ornaments fully finished.

  6. Merveilleux!j'admire beaucoup toutes ces jolies broderies de ce post
    Une douce semaine a toutes

  7. Hello Mary and Hello RJ,
    I have enjoyed your wonderful post.
    So many beautiful stiching finishes. I like them all.
    Happy Sunday, Manuela

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog, I enjoyed yours, too!
    Happy stitching, Jutta

  9. So pleased you made it through Hurricane Irma. Your post is full of inspiration. The re-worked pieces are lovely. No tips for sewing around the piece except it is worth it when you get those results. The 'new' pieces are beautiful. The Christmas projects are going to be a joy, can't wait to see your finishes.
    Thank you for the SB freebie, another to add to the list!

  10. Enjoyed seeing what you have done with older ornaments. Great job. Your new pieces are coming along great.
    Enjoy your blog.

  11. The old-new ornaments are very pretty! Thanks for the freebie link!
    Beautiful frame with that lovely project, such a great gift!
    The heart box is adorable!
    Cute Christmas stitching!

    Congrats for 6 months of blogging!

  12. Happy Six-month-aversary! You have a great unique blog with two voices and two lots of stitching to show - Double Delight!
    I think the H.E. Santa is my favourite this post, I just love his list.

  13. Lots of beautiful stitches :) sewing trim around the edge just takes time, a great deal of time, but in the end it's a wonderful view to spy with your eye! Nice work!

  14. You all really spiffed up your old things...I love it. I have a few things I am thinking of reworking. Thanks for the freebie pattern heads up. I was looking for something just like that to do for a friend. And it did not cost me a penny for the pattern!! Love your blog and always get excited when I see your posts pop up.

  15. I love how both of you added to your old pieces. I think I need to do the same with one I did last year. I love all of the pieces y'all have stitched. It is so fun to see everyone's work. I am so glad y'all started the blog.

  16. Such a lovely prelude to Christmas, thanks for sharing these beauties!
    I made the sister stitchers some time ago, for our friend Jenny. I loved the pattern so much!

    I am very happy you are safe. You were in my thoughts and prayers. Sorry I didn't react earlier on your sweet comment on my blog. I had a husband with pneumonia and the flu at home etc. But I'm catching up :)

    Hugs across the ocean, Carolien

  17. So glad the hurricane is past. We can only hope that there will be no more this year!! I do love all the ornament re-dos!!

  18. What a fabulous post to find upon my return! Both your old made new again ornaments are lovely. I really like both of your Christmas stitches. The friendship pieces are beautiful.

  19. I just love seeing what you both create with old finishes. Also love the Lizzie Kate that you both stitched.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your finishes of your Christmas stitches.

  20. RJ and Mary: I am inspired by you both, I like the idea of making something old new again, I may have to try that myself.


  21. You both stitched some wonderful work .
    And the way you finish is just wonderful.
    Have a wonderful week.

  22. Congratulations on your 6 month blogging! I love your blog, you are both such an inspiration with your finishing and reworking of old ornaments.
    I love the Lizzie*Kate stitch and how lovely that you both have almost identical ones!
    Glad to hear you are both safe and well after Hurricane Irma.

  23. RJ - I love how you dressed up Six Cardinals, the jingle bells are adorable! Stitching Friends is perfect and I love how the scissors are incorporated into the design. How cool that you both made one for each other!!

    Mary - That cording and wooden heart really dressed up Happy Christmas! Love the stitching on the Valentine Sampler and Faye did a good job too.

    Congrats on your six month anniversary and I hope you continue for many years to come. I love your blog; it is always so full of information and ideas.

  24. I really enjoyed the something old made new - you both really perked up your finishes.

  25. I think you "old made new" posts are always my favorites, Mary and RJ! I love what you do to them to update them... And RJ...this may not be kosher, but I have always glued on my trims and never had a problem through all these years of ornament making. I just take a tiny bit of Aleene's Fabric Glue on the end of a toothpick and slowly do one side at a time (put the glue in the ditch between the linen and the backing fabric). It doesn't show and is so much faster than I imagine sewing the cording on would be :) Give it a try--I think you'll like it!

    Always a treat to read your posts and I'm amazed that 6 months have passed since you began your wonderful blog--here's to the next 6!

  26. Love what you both did with the old and new. I think I will try that with some of mine. Thank you! Also love the friendship and santa stitches. I agree with Carol. I also glue on my trims and it saves a lot of time. I haven't had a problem and the glue dries clear so you don't see it.

  27. You two amaze me! You are so stitching prolific! All the pieces are wonderful!

  28. Awesome blog, i always enjoy & read the post you are sharing!
    Thank for your very good article...!

  29. Such beautiful stitching! I love being inspired by how you refresh your older ornaments. And the Santa Please Bring Me chart is perfect, that's what I'm asking for for Christmas!