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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

October and Halloween
Week One
Styling with Stitches
Bonus: Framed Sampler
Mini Give Away details

October is such a wonderful time of the year.  My blogging buddy Mary in New York will be enjoying  the changing colors of the  leaves and the weather cooling as will most of our beautiful country.  It is the time of the year I miss most living in Florida when it is still in the 90's and so muggy!  But it does have it's perks going to the beach.  

We chose to make Halloween tags for our decorated cloches for our Styling with Stitches post.  BUT, I got the opportunity to go to St. Augustine beach for a week or make my tag.  Hard choice I know, but I chose the beach!   So I will be showing my Halloween stitch clipped to a clipboard for now but promise to finish it during the month and show it later.   But, Mary has her cloche tag finished which looks wonderful on her beautifully decorated cloche.

I also have a bonus stitch to show you which I made at the beach.

Plus Mary has an adorable mini give away for October too.  Details are at the end of the post.  Enjoy!

Styling with Stitches 

RJ's -  I chose Seasonal Mementos by Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin.   She is a cute little witch and was a fun stitch.  I first saw her on Carol's blog Stitching Dreams.  I fell in love with this pattern and always wanted to stitch her.   For now I just clipped some pumpkin fabric and the stitch to a black clipboard with a cloche tag to follow later.  

Here's a neat way to display your stitch until you have time to actually finish it.

Closeup of such a cute little witch.   That is a linen thread that I did not notice until later and pulled off.

Seasonal Mementos
by Mary Garry Sewing Cabin
40 ct. flax Newcastle linen
over dyed threads that I already had
pumpkin fabric from Joann's Fabrics

clipboard from Kohl's


Mary's - This was the first tag I have made and although it won't be my last it will certainly be the last one that I improvise on making.   I will be using directions from an expert in the future!

I found this chart on Pinterest and the source is       It is a free chart for personal use only.  Thanks Lynn for designing this really cute chart. 

I stitched it on 30 ct. Weeks mocha linen and used a check wool for the finishing fabric.  I used an orange metallic thread for the French knots I made for the eyes.   And I used these over dyed threads: pumpkin - CC Colonial copper, tree trunk - CC Roasted Chestnut, leaves - GA Fragrant cloves, spider and cat body - Weeks onyx and pumpkin stems - CC avocado

It was a fun and easy stitch and perfect for Halloween.   I glued the cute trim on which went very well and added to the finish.

Sweet Halloween tag on my filled cloche

Closeup of this cute stitch from a free pattern with the added trim

Free chart
by Happiness is Cross Stitching
30 ct. Weeks mocha linen
over dyed threads
metallic thread
orange and black check wool fabric


RJ's Bonus Stitch  

 I was able to stitch at night while we were at the beach and I made a cute Lizzie Kate baby sampler.   Remember when I made this little sampler for a baby girl and I added long stemmed tulips to make the whole stitch longer to fit the frame better?   Well this time it was for a baby boy so instead of tulips I made little sailboats in red, white and blue to add near the bottom to lengthen the stitch.  The top and bottom border is slightly different for the boy too.  I used Wks cayenne, GA freedom, GA baby spinach, CC eggshell and CC deep blue sea over dyed threads instead of the colors called for.  Hope you like how it turned out.

Closeup of Baby Boy sampler with added sailboats

Closeup of added sailboats

Photo of the baby girl's sampler with the added tulips
Welcome Baby
by Lizzie Kate
With added sailboats
40 ct. flax Newcastle linen
over dyed threads


Mary's October give away 

Batty about Halloween is an adorable pattern by Homespun Elegance.  I ordered two of these by mistake and would like to give away the second brand new pattern to one of our most appreciated followers for the fall season.   If you would like to win this chart please be a sidebar follower and leave a comment telling us your favorite Halloween candy.  The winner will be announced next week on October 17th.   It is open to followers out of the mainland too.
Here is Batty finished as an ornament

I made this one for my friend last year that loves Halloween

Closeup of the October give away pattern


Thank you all for stopping by for a visit.   We so enjoy each of your kind comments and really appreciate you taking the time to read our blog.  We hope to see you next week with our grab bag post and our Christmas challenge stitches.    Mary and RJ

                                   Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile
                                                          William Cullent Bryant


  1. I always get excited when I see y'all's post up. I love both of your Halloween tags. Smart idea adding the tulips and sailboats to make it fit a frame. I am going to remember that.
    I love just about all candy bars, Butterfingers are the best.

  2. What an enjoyable post to read! First, where did you get your cloche, Mary? Your tag looks super, Mary. RJ, I like your stitch as well and I think it looks great on the clipboard frame with the pumpkin fabric. The boy sampler looks fabulous. Good for you! Hope you both are having a good start to October.

  3. I have done very little Halloween stitching over the years although I always mean to, it is something that I rarely get around to doing because usually I have started thinking/having a panic about Christmas by now. My favourite Halloween sweet is toffee, my gran always used to make it at this time of year. Thank you for a lovely giveaway. x

  4. Great tag stitching and finishing. Looks so nice to complement the cloche.
    Sweet baby sampler too.
    Please do not include me for the giveaway, I already have plenty to keep me busy for too long ;)

  5. Wonderful tag stitching. Both are very cute.
    The little baby sampler looks beautiful.
    Nice give away. Please count me in.
    Best wishes Manuela

  6. Lovely post , love your Halloween stitching .
    And the baby stitch is so cute.
    I just love all candy but no longer toffee with my teeth ha.
    Have a great week.

  7. Oh RJ i love this litte witch, this pattern look so gorgeous. And you finished it perfectly. I also like the to Pictures of the baby sampler, beautiful frames.

    Mary - yes those little cat from Lynn ares so cute. And i love the way you finished it.
    This is an nice giveaway, it ist a great Motiv.
    Happy Stitching, Martina

  8. Another pair of adorable finishes (RJ-I like yours on the clipboard even if it wasn't your intent). I have to admit to not knowing what a cloche tag was when I first started reading the post but love the idea. Where did you get the directions to make the tag? Kudos to both of you and thanks for another great post!

  9. First..candy corn of course!! It is not fall without some of that sugary goodness. I am seeing cloche's everywhere these days and I love that finish. I just passed up at cloche that was very reasonably priced at TJ Maxx the other day. Maybe I will return for it. I love all the stitches....that little witch is adorable RJ and Mary, those simple baby samplers are the perfect gift. I just received Pumpkin Spice Farm and I plan to get the threads for it today. I am going with DMC threads as I have seen it stitched with DMC and overdyed and I cannot see a lot of difference. Happy Stitching.

  10. Arlene, I believe I paid 12.99 for this cloche at Home Goods a few years back. They are so easy to decorate for seasonal décor. Pumpkin spice farm is a new stitch to me, adorable! RJ did a great job with the additions of the flowers and little sailboats, I love how she customizes stitchs for the recipient.

  11. Your Halloween finishes are so cute! I also like the baby sampler with the sailboats. That will be a nice gift.
    My favorite candy is M&M's in Halloween colors. I would like to be included in the giveaway.

  12. Hi Mary and RJ......

    I love your Halloween stitching! Fall has always been my favorite season and seeing your precious stitching in all their cozy colors just made me smile!
    RJ....I am so very happy you went to the beach! I would have chosen that! Your little witch is sooo adorable and I love how you have displayed it on the clipboard! It is just perfect! Your baby sampler is also just adorable! I love samplers that mark a special occasion...they are true treasures indeed! I am so thankful that I have taken the time to stitch samplers to mark special occasions because as the years go by they become so very special! I know this one will be treasured as well!

    Mary.... Your little black kitten stitch is just too purrfect! I love the little sweater and just everything about it! I have a little black kitten that just fills my heart with joy and this is a perfect stitch! Lynn's patterns are just so adorable and I have stitched a few of them for gifts! Your tag turned out just precious and looks adorable on your cloche!

    I hope you both are having a good week! RJ I am with you on missing the changing leaves. We are just starting here in Siuthern Ca. but like you the temps are still to high in the 80's and 90's.....sighs.

    Sending lots of hugs and love to you both!

  13. RJ, your witch is adorable, that clipboard is so pretty and I love the pumpkin fabric!
    Lovely baby boy sampler!

    Mary your tag is so beautiful and your display is gorgeous!

  14. I just love your finishing. I get so many great ideas. Thank you so much. For me it's not Halloween without MaryJanes (the peanut butter taffee) and of course cany corn, although I like indian corn a bit better.

  15. Gorgeous stitching this post. I love RJ's witch and alphabet, I have never seen that design before. I will have to keep an eye open.
    I am very familiar with Lynn's cats though and have stitched some myself. But not that cute one. Love the little jumper.
    Please count me in the giveaway. I love dark chocolate, especially mint flavoured or with butterscotch. Green & Blacks is one of my favourite brands.
    I also love Cadbury Creme Eggs but they are not very seasonal for Hallowe'en!!

  16. You ladies do beautiful stitching. I love reading your blog and get inspired and motivated. I had the pleasure of meeting Mary at an EGA meeting and look forward to stitching together. As far as Halloween candy goes, I love all of them, but traditionally, candy corn would be my favorite only on Halloween, but M&Ms comes very close . Thank you for creating this wonderful blog!

    1. Welcome Heidi!!! We are thrilled to have you. Mary told me about your meeting and how exciting it was to meet a follower. You will have alot of fun stitching with Mary. I wish I lived nearby so I could join the fun. Love your candy choices! RJ

    2. Heidi, I could not wait to tell RJ that I met a reader of our blog. I appreciated how friendly you and everyone else was at the meeting, I'm looking forward to stitching with you and I can see I'll be learning so much with this very talented group. We are so happy to have you here too!! Mary

  17. The tags are great! The clipboard is an idea that I could see myself using.

  18. I've never done a tag finish before--not sure why! I even bought the little gadget to make the holes in the mounting board. Love your finished cat tag, Mary and your almost-finished witch tag, RJ. (I do love that witch and have stitched her twice already (and I'm sure I'll stitch her again :) The cloche idea is great for display, too...

    And what a cute new baby sampler, RJ--love the sailboat border. I'm sure being at St. Augustine beach was a perfect place to stitch this one... Will have to keep this in mind if I am ever lucky enough to become a grandma (fingers crossed!!)...

  19. RJ: I must say that displaying the Witch design was a very neat idea, I would keep using that clip board and change the seasons as they come, it looks great.
    The two Baby Samplers are lovely how cute to change to sail boats.


  20. Mary: Your Tag is positively adorable, the coordinating fabric is perfect, I love the way it is displayed.
    I do have the giveaway design so please do not include me in the giveaway, however my favorite candy is caramel apples, I consider that a candy only because fall is the only time of year I get to eat them i love having nuts on the caramel.


  21. Wonderful little stitched pieces. When I lived in FL, St. Augustine was one of my favorite places, you made a good choice. My favorite Halloween candy is candy corn, not very original!

  22. Hello dear Mary and RJ, such cute finishes again ... Love the October cat (must make it too ;)! And the small clipboard is a good idea. Changing from time to time is very easy like this!

    I hope you had a lovely time at the beach ...

    Have a great fall! Love, Carolien

  23. Loving your stitched cute...especially the baby samplers and the October cat!

  24. RJ I simply love your cute little witch! She is adorable and she even looks great on that clipboard!! Being in Arizona I also miss the changing colors of the leaves in the fall but since I prefer the heat to the cold, it is a small price to pay!

    Mary the tag is adorable!! Love the whole tag idea and your Halloween piece looks wonderful and the display looks wonderful! Your LK piece looks great too ;)

    My favorite Halloween Candy are whoppers and those awful wrapped peanut butter candies! Nobody else likes them at my house so I am in luck when Jacob comes home with his loot and they are all mine! ha ha

  25. OMGoodness, all of the finishes are adorable! I honestly don't know if I can pick a favourite!

  26. Both your finishes are just so cute! Love the LK baby sampler too.

  27. RJ, this little witch is so sweet. I love sweet witches and had already seen her on Carol's blog. A great display on the clipboard and first I thought it was already finished, it just looked so nice on the board. I also love your little birth sampler with the added sailboats. So pretty.
    Mary, your Halloween tag is very special and such a lovely finishing fabric and furry trim. Very creative.

  28. I love Halloween stitching patterns. They are all so cute. I love how you finished the witch!

  29. Awesome blog, i always enjoy & read the post you are sharing!
    Thank for your very good article...!

  30. Such beautiful projects! I love orange stitched on the darker fabrics like you've used here. It just pops!

    Favorite Halloween candy is Twix! Preferably frozen! :)