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Thursday, November 30, 2017

November Week One and Four

Thank you's

Styling with Stitches
New Stitch

It's hard to believe that today is the last day of November.   The time is just flying by and there is still so much to do before the Christmas holidays. Mary and I have been busy stitching for week one and week four.   I bet you thought we forgot about week one this month.  We didn't!   We are just late in getting them sewn up.  So today will be a double project day which means double the work double the pleasure.   

We start with thanks you's to three lovely ladies.   This past week I received a most beautiful RAK ornament from Andrea of The Craft Room.   I have been following Andrea for quite some time because of my love for her stitching and stunning finishes.   So you can imagine my delight when I found out I won one of her RAK'S.    It is a beautiful Prairie Schooler Santa which I'm so over the moon about.   I love everything about it from the perfect flat finish, the pretty cording, the organza bow, the lovely three pearl pin and even an adorable heart charm on the back.  I was like a little girl on Christmas morning opening a gift when I received this beautiful gift all the way from England.  

Stitching Friends thanks our good friend Catherine of I love to stitch for the really pretty Blackbird Designs and Shepherds Bush patterns she sent for Mary and me to stitch. She knows how much we love patriotic and SB stitches.  We can't wait to get going on these lovely designs.

We also would like to thank our new friend Sandy of  I majored in Home Economics for the beautiful chart Silent Night, Holy Night with the prettiest cardinals that was sent to us too.  It is a time consuming pattern but so pretty.

Thank you so much stitching friends.   


Styling with Stitches
For our week one project we made stitched quilt hangings to put on metal containers.  They are both by Fanci That which make them whimsical and adorable!

RJ's quilt hanging
I chose Harvest Angel by Fanci That.   This company is not in business anymore but I was able to find this one on Ebay and scooped it up.   I chose my own over dyed threads and added a star button to the halo and a blackbird on the fence.  When I made the little quilt I used a tiny sunflower border in black and cream and then a bigger border of homespun black check.  I still want to go back and do a quilt stitch around the borders but probably not until after the holidays.   

This is my little quilt hanging on a metal container.  I added a plant, some fresh sunflowers, wicker pumpkins and a birdhouse for the blackbird

The quilt hangs by vintage black ribbon
Closeup showing the two with sunflowers and the other a check homespun

Kinda crooked but shows the detail of the stitch and buttons better.  Can you see the pumpkins on her feet?  And it says Crows on the mailbox with a small red lever.   The details on these angels are amazing.   I wish I had gotten a better up close photo

Harvest Angel
by Fanci That
40 ct. country mocha Newcastle linen
overdyed threads
buttons from 123 stitch

Mary's quilt hanging
My hanging is another Fanci That stitch appropriately named Pumpkin Hollow.  I think the Fanci That patterns are such charming and whimsical stitches. 

I found this great wood and metal basket at Hobby Lobby and knew it would be perfect for a fall display to hang on my door.   I enlisted the talents of my good friend, Cheryl, to help me design the arrangement.  

I omitted the word Pumpkin that was on the pattern.   I found some tiny wooden leaves at a quilt show that worked well for the little halo.   The called for threads were used with the exception of substituting a few DMC colors, 3371 for Cherry Bark, 931 for Blueberry, 340 for Purple Iris and 738 for Summer Meadow. 
Closeup of quilt hanging

I love how this arrangement turned out
The back has a hanger at the top
Pumpkin Hollow
by Fanci That
40 ct. country mocha Newcastle linen
threads listed above
buttons found at a quilt show


Something New

RJ's new ornament - I chose a design by Blackbird Designs.   Have you ever seen a chart that you just had to stitch?   Well this one did that to me.   The first time I saw it I was in love with everything about it.   I really thought the blackbird was beautiful with the golden basket in his mouth and I loved the pretty brick color of the alphabet.   I usually don't date things or put my initials on them but this one needed it.

For the finish I did a thin piece of black homespun and then a larger piece of a pretty tiny floral that Mary had sent me from a quilt show.   It had the perfect brick red and black in it and worked so well.   I made my first attempt at a yo yo with a button.  Why?  I made a mistake when trimming my stitch.   I trimmed three sides and forgot the bottom.  Only after it was sewn up, did I notice my error. I may pull it apart and fix it later but for now I think the yo yo takes up space and helps make the extra length of the linen look more in line.  At least I hope so.  

Love the colors in this stitch

Closeup showing the yo yo and fabrics

Gathering Basket
By Blackbird Designs
overydyed threads
40 ct. flax Newcastle linen
vintage button


Mary's new stitch -  I stitched this for my friend Cheryl's printers box.  She changes the display seasonally and I volunteered to make a little stitch for each season.    I call this my mystery stitch because I cannot recall the design or threads used.  I tried a flat fold for the first time using chipboard and gluing the linen down. Neither method will be used again by myself! The chipboard was difficult to cut and once I placed the linen on the sprayed glue surface I could not move the stitch to align it evenly. I'm glad my learning experience was on a small piece like this one. 

Perfect for Cheryl's printers box


Thank you all so much for your visit.  We really appreciate each and every one of you.  Next week we will the doing our Styling with Stitches post.   Until then "Happy Stitching".                      Mary and RJ

                                        Begin each day with a grateful heart
                                                               unknown author


  1. I am always inspired by your finishes. I am intrigued with all the finishes on baskets and containers. I need to explore that option. I love the little fabric flower on the blackbird ornament. I just watched Beckisland on Floss Tube and I was drooling over all her precise stitching and little pillows that she produces. Right now I am working on a Prairie Schooler...they are just good for the soul.

  2. Blackbird Designs are my absolute favourites, I have a large pile waiting for me patiently. I really like the suffolk puff you have added to the cushion, a lovely touch. x

  3. All your finishes looks wonderful. I like them all.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Hugs, Manuela

  4. Wonderful stitching and your finishes are amazing .
    Love them all .
    Andrea is such a wonderful stitcher and so kind to all her fellow stitchers .
    Wishing you and Mary a lovely weekend .

  5. Oh, I love this idea of making a little quilt hanging. And how great that you both found a fall angel by Fanci That. I love their designs a lot and have stitched two or three of them.
    So lovely, your new ornament, RJ. And I would never had thought that you didn't leave the extra space underneath the stitching for the yoyo. Looks perfect to me.
    Such a nice little pattern for the printer's box, Mary. So sorry you had problems when gluing the stitching to the board.

  6. Wow! I love it all. The Fanci That patterns are so cute and whimsical and I love the finishes. I must try that. I really like your baskets that you hung them on. What a neat idea! I have lots of plants in my house. I am dreaming now. The blackbird designs and that fabric are wonderful together. I can't see a mistake and really like the yo-yo button as trim.
    Love love love it all.

  7. Your angels are so sweet ladies! RJ I just love that yo yo. ;) Mary I really, really take my time with my small mounted pieces for my cubby shelf display. I use thick pieces of cardboard and glue a piece of quilt batting to the front then I perfectly center my stitched linen and glue the edges around to the back.

  8. Both Fanci That finishes are lovely. RJ, I like the yo-yo addition to your piece. Mary, you might try mat board or foam core (1/8" thickness) for your flat finishes. I like your "bucket" displays. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Andrea's gift is pretty. Love the quilt pieces. So many things to stitch. Enjoy the Christmas season.

  10. A wonderful gift from Andrea, yes she does a great job.
    Magical looks Harvest Angel, quite a great finish.
    Pumpkin Hallow has also become great.
    I also like both new projects very well, I am looking forward to your next work.
    Big Hugs, Martina

  11. Isn't it lovely to have stitching friends? I love being part of this online community :) I have a couple of Fanci That designs, I didn't know they were out of business. I love what you've done with them, both look amazing.

  12. Love the angel stitching! Two great finish pieces!
    That BBD is beautiful, RJ! I love the yo-yo button!
    Mary, your piece is so delicate!
    Happy December!

  13. Both of you are so very creative! I look forward to every post!

  14. Wow! Such gorgeous, gorgeous stitching and finishing! I love it all!

  15. RJ: I love the Angel, so sweet, the finish is perfect, using coordinating fabric makes a piece look so nice and finished.
    I of course am a lover of Blackbird Designs, they are such creative Ladies Barb and Alma.
    The yo-yo is perfect, I must try making one sometime, it really adds to the finished design.

    Merry Christmas

  16. Mary: The Fanci That designs are so whimsical and adorable I know why you and RJ picked them, beautiful finish on that adorable Angel.
    I have had difficulties with some flatfolds and finally concurred the finish it took me a while.
    Thgis is such a sweet and adorable design, I love the colors, I am sure she loves the design, I love printers box's, they are so cool.

    Merry Christmas

  17. What great Fanci That charts you two have chosen! I love how you both have them displayed and such a clever idea for the halo. Both new pieces are also gorgeous and you are right RJ, this is a constant learning experience when it comes to finishing techniques.

  18. You guys never fail to inspire. The Fanci That pieces are definitely oldies but goodies; I've always loved their whimsical style.I'm on the hunt for their angel that was a beehive--can't believe I never bought it years ago.
    RJ, I love the extra space at the bottom of your Blackbird piece--it looks like it was planned that way.
    Mary, sweet piece.... have you ever tried those plastic clips they sell to hold your piece in place once it's centered, then attach to your mounting board by lacing or gluing on the back?
    Looking forward to December posts!

  19. What a lovely make from Andrea!! Great work on your quilting and stitching.

  20. Another wonderful post with so many pretty ornaments. You two certainly do decorate your homes beautifully. You are very inspirational!
    I tend to use double sided tape on the back of the mountboard rather than anything on the front. I have a horror for glue!

  21. You share so much in a post - hard to know what to comment on! Your Fanci That quilt pieces are great - I love her uber primitive style.

  22. :)
    The Fanci That hanging are so cute and especially when you have the floral arrangements too.
    Your other pieces are great too. RJ ... BBD piece is lovely, the yo-yo button is beautiful.
    Mary ... your piece in the printers tray is lovely too.
    The only way to improve on finishing is to keep trying. If you find a way you don't like, try it a different way. There is no right or wrong way, we all find our own little ways. For stitched pieces I will lace the back, for ordinary fabric I glue on the back of the piece one side at a time.

  23. so many beautifull projects. I love that santa !

  24. Wonderful projects! And RJ - I love that yo yo on the blackbird design. I wouldn't change a thing!

    Also, thank you for your kind words on my new blog ( You were the first (and so far the only!) to comment, and I so appreciate your thoughtfulness.

  25. Une pure merveille et un plaisir a admirer .
    J'aime en particulier Santa Claus.
    Un bon mois de décembre a vous
    Mes amitiées

  26. The Gathering Basket design is lovely with the added fabric and yo yo. I love the pretty quilt hangings and your way of displaying them. perfect work.

  27. How did I miss this post? Gorgeous gorgeous finishing from all 3 lovely ladies. I have to say that RJ's Blackbird Design jumped out at me too - the fabric Mary sent is just perfect for it

  28. Pretty projects and great idea,Thank you for the tutorial and for sharing !