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Monday, November 20, 2017

November Week Three

Old Ornaments Made New

Free Pattern

With Thanksgiving approaching quickly and Christmas not far behind, we know everyone is very busy.   So, we are really happy you came by for a visit today. We have two of our older ornaments updated to show you.  And, we have included a free pattern we hope you will enjoy.


RJ's old ornament made new
I chose the pattern The 12 Days of Santa by Heart StringsI love this Santa with his  "argyle like jacket".  You can't tell but different shades of yellow are used in each of the squares. There was a lot of counting to get the white individual x's in the right place.  And then, it was my first time using the Wisper thread for his beard and mustache.  I was really happy with this sweet Santa.   But like all our older ornaments, it needed a bit more to dress him up!

Love this Santa stitch but why not dress him up for his big day!

Well I thought I had a cute new idea for this ornament. But after working on it for quite awhile, it wasn't coming out like I wanted.   So I went back to a tried and true method of hand stitching some red pleated ribbon around the ornament.   I added a red check bow to the corner with a charm that says "believe". There is also a cute little cardinal button still sitting on top of the tree.   Now he looks more dressed up!

He seems at home in the greenhouse!

Or maybe he'll stay here in the basket of flowers

Closeup of the bow so you can see the believe charm and how the pleated ribbon ruffles
The 12 Days of Santa
by Heart Strings
35 ct. unknown linen
called for threads
Wisper thread for the beard
Cardinal button
Believe charm from Joann's


Mary's old ornament made new
My Christmas update is one of several ornaments I received from RJ as part of my 2013 Christmas gift.  ( I have a very generous friend!)   It is Tiny Tidings XV by Lizzie Kate.  

RJ suggested updating some of the older ornaments she had stitched for me.  I hesitated, as I love the stitches "as is," but I am running low on my own stitches so I took the challenge

Love this sweet little stitch but RJ asked me to doll it up!

I added some cording around the edges, replaced the bow with jingle bells and a tiny bow on the wreath.   I know she will love the new additions to her pretty stitch.  

The cording colors were a perfect match and I found it on sale in Hobby Lobby which was an added bonus. You can see the little bow made with six strands of thread on the bottom of the wreath.

Love the fabric she used for the back.   We both wish she had more.  You also can see the cording separated for decorative back finish.  

Tiny Tidings XV
by Lizzie Kate
Weeks cocoa linen
English Ivy, Cayenne and DMC blanc threads
Cording from Hobby Lobby


Free Pattern for you

We hope you enjoy this pattern we found on Plum Street Samplers.   It is perfect for the season.

You can find the chart here   


Hope you all have a lovely and blessed Thanksgiving.   We know we are most thankful for each and every one of you that come by and visit.   We are truly honored that you like our blog and take the time to comment.  We hope to see you next week...we are working on a  double post to end the month of November.            Mary and RJ


  1. Hello RJ and Mary....

    I love your Santa RJ...absolutely love him! Did I mention that I LOVE your Santa? Lol! The argyle is just adorable and the way you made it new is just beautiful! I love the little believe charm with the bow and the little cardinal button is just sooo precious...yep it made my heart smile...🙂

    Mary your ornament is also just darling! RJ stitched it just beautifully and the way you fixed it up is great! I am so in love with those tiny jingle bells! I LOVE bells of all sizes and these are just to precious! You did a great job! I love it!

    Thank you both so much for everything you do! I have been Christmas stitching all afternoon and your inspiration always gives me great ideas and just makes stitching that much more fun! Oh yes I am smiling from ear to ear! Thank you for the free pattern as well! Paulette is one of my favorite designers... her sampler A Sweeter Love is one I want to finish next year maybe for our anniversary....winks!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you both! You are such blessings in my life!

    Sending hugs and love!

  2. I really love seeing the changes you make, they are pretty and inspirational too. I am sure we all have ornaments we could upgrade. x

  3. Oh i love both of your finishes - they look great, now - christmas can come.
    Happy Stitching - Martina

  4. Your changes are wonderful. I like both of them.
    I wish you a lovely and blessed Thanksgiving.
    Hugs Manuela

  5. I always enjoy your Re Do posts. I love adding Believe to the ribbon and the cording always makes an ornament look brand new. I finally finished the piece for the tart to see if I can get it to turn out as I see it in my head!:) Happy Thanksgiving Mary and RJ.

  6. I'm always very curious to see how you embellish your older ornaments. And I always love what I see. Isn't it wonderful how a new trim can change the whole ornament, just as a new bow or adding a new colour in some way. And this time it's not different. RJ, adding the red of the bow and the trim makes the Santa look friendlier. And Mary, the new trim around your ornament has exactly the same colours as the stitching on the ornament. Looks so good.

  7. Mary and RJ...both of your 'spruced up' ornaments are precious! I love all your changes/additions..they look so fresh and new! Great work!!! Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you both!

  8. Aww, Santa looks just great all gussied up now RJ! Love that Believe charm.❤️
    Mary, I agree!The cording is just PERFECT! The tiny bells are so cute. And what a great touch the teeny, tiny bow is!
    Happy, Blessed Thanksgiving to you both!

  9. Both of your ornaments 'made new' are lovely. I enjoy seeing what you come up with and the new additions always add something to the old. Wishing you both a very blessed Thanksgiving!

  10. Both ornaments are adorable. I love seeing it in a new light. Don't feel bad about lack of stitching time. I think this time of year just eats it up. Y'all inspire me for sure.

  11. I love both ornaments and how you finish them .
    I think this is such a wonderful idea.
    Both have a lovely week .

  12. Really creative finishes / updating on your ornaments gals. They both shine. Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Two more great ornies. I love the pleated ribbon on the Santa, what a clever idea for a trim. He does look quite at home with the plants too.
    The frayed cording is a good way to make tassels for the second ornie.

  14. I always enjoy seeing how you've updated some of your older ornaments. I reminds me I have one that needs to be redone because I finished it poorly.

    Thank you for the link to the freebie!

  15. It's always a treat to see how you both update your ornaments. I have at least one that really needs updating. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  16. Lovely ornaments,what a great idea to update them.

  17. I love seeing how you've updated your stitching....always so pretty!

  18. RJ: What a lovely idea, it looks like a whole new ornament, I love the Believe charm.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  19. Mary: Noel is so sweet, I love the little bow and the twisted cord is perfect.
    Thank-you both for sharing wonderful ideas for renewing an ornament.

    Happy Blessed Thanksgiving

  20. Ces ornements sont si ravissant qu'on ne peux que les appréçier!
    j'aime beaucoup la technique de cette cordelette que je n'ai jamais reussi.
    Le bon Pêre Noël est tout heureux a l'approche de ces fêtes.
    Merci de votre partage ,
    Délicieux week end Mary et RJ

  21. Two lovely updated ornaments. I love the gorgeous Santa design and how the cording on the back of Noel is displayed. Happy Thanksgiving.

  22. RJ, Santa looks cute with that ribbon added around him! It really helps show him off!

    Mary, that cording matches perfectly and looks great on there! The addition of the jingle bells and the strands of threads look great.

    You two are so creative and you are both right...
    There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for!

    I hope you both have many Thanksgiving Blessings!

  23. Lovely ornaments! The Santa is so pretty, RJ!
    Mary, your "new ornament" is adorable, I also love the fabric that RJ used for the back.

  24. What darling additions to your ornaments! Love the red pleated ribbon and matching bow around that cute Santa and the sweet updates to Mary's ornament, esp. the separated cording ...haven't seen that before.
    Thx for the free pattern!

  25. How cute are those updated ornaments! Pretty before, but beautiful now :) I should think about doing this with some of my older pieces. I've definitely improved through the years--ha ha!!

    I hope you both enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying the preparations for Christmas!

  26. Two more inspirational updates girls! I love how the addition of something quite simple can really change the look of an ornament, like the little red bow you added to the wreath Mary. They both looked great before but even better now!

    Hope you both had lovely Thanksgiving celebrations.

  27. RJ ... Santa is even more jolly with his new look. Wonderful trim.

    Mary ... great updating. Love the way you finished off the cording at the back and the jingle bells. You can never have enough jungle bells!

  28. Santa is so jolly and happy - he just made me smile!

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. "An old ornament made new...." What a wonderful idea! For some reason, I have always thought of my finishes as "sacred," like I can't redo them. I've gotten a little better at those finishing touches over the years. I'm going to be looking at some old projects with fresh eyes. The bow and the charm are a great addition, especially.

  31. I really like your new decorative designs! it's so beautiful so much and good idea on site.