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Big Give Away coming the end of June!

Saturday, August 31, 2019

August Post/Vacation
Winners announced 
Styling with Stitches
Sal update

Summer is nearing an end and I can only hope cooler weather is coming.  Mary has already had some lovely changing weather which is so nice for her hikes.  This has been a busy month for both of us but I think things will be slowing down real soon and we can get back to our regular schedule of posts.

Mary celebrated a fun birthday in August and my husband and I got away for a great anniversary celebration and a college reunion during the month.  Mary has been spending lots of her time at Met games and photography outings and I have been heading to the beach every chance I get.  Hope you all have had a wonderful summer and are looking forward to the fall months ahead too.


Winners of the Give Away

We are very happy to announce that Arlene at Nanaland has won the box of stitching goodies and Manuela at Manuelas Flowergarden has won her choice of a PDF pattern.  Congratulations ladies!!! 


Styling with Stitches
This month our theme is vacation and our styling with stitches projects will be about the beach and a national park.

RJ's Yellowstone Project
You probably all know how much I love Yellowstone National Park.  It is one of my very favorite places to visit.   If you would like to see a detailed post about our trip you can find it hereJust scroll on down to the Yellowstone post.  One of our favorite photos from that trip was a Momma Bear with her little cubs. They were coming out of a brook and we were so lucky to get this photo.

Well for Christmas this year, my son painted me a Momma bear near a brook.  I just loved it and decided I needed to frame it and somehow add a stitch.   Our sweet friend, Robin gave me a good way to attach the stitch to the frame. Her idea was to get hook and eyes, some twine and hang it at the bottom.  Thanks so much worked!
Mike's painting at Christmas

First, I framed it with a barnwood frame from Hobby Lobby during a 50% off sale.  Then I bought some barnwood planks with a 40% off coupon to attach my Yellowstone stitch.  I decided to do a simple stitch so I didn't take away from Mike's painting.  I thought just stitching the letters in a nice font would work well.   I actually took most of the letters from another pattern I have but had to make up three letters.

I found a great tutorial for framing a canvas painting here.  It is really easy using S brackets.   George drilled holes in the barnwood plank and then we threaded the dark green twine and tied off with knots.  It is then attached to the back of the frame.  I wanted to play around with adding different things to the sides of the stitch but with the hurricane coming I just tacked a small twine bow on the right side for now.
Love the barn wood frame around the  "bear by the brook".

The Yellowstone stitch is hanging from the frame with dark green gardener's twine.     Can you tell which 3 letters I had to make up?    Would you add anything to the sides of the stitch?

Stitch added to Frame

40 ct. vintage mocha linen
Juniper floss by Weeks
Letters from Sweet Southern Home
Border from Santas and Samplers
Barn wood frame from Hobby Lobby 


 Mary's Beach Project

I chose Wild Salt Air by Hands on Design for my beach project this month.  I thought it would go well with the beach stitches that I completed last summer.  RJ suggested displaying it on an Adirondack chair and I loved that idea.  I was fortunate to find the chair on clearance at Michael's.

I left off the border and I changed the row of waves to an extra row of fish. I love how colorful the floss choices are.  This has been a fun group of charts to stitch that I think you would enjoy too.  Next year, I hope to add the rest of the patterns that came with Wild Salt Air to my beach collection.

Sweet stitch sitting on an Adirondack chair !

Here is the original pattern so you can see the changes I made.

Wild Salt Air
by Hands on Design
called for floss
28 ct. mushroom laguna 1/1

Chair from Michael's


SAL Update
We have not updated in awhile so we thought we would show you where we are at present.  Meg is taking a little break but will join us next month.  The Schoolhouse series by With Thy Needle and Thread has been a very enjoyable SAL.  The colors were so soft and the designs are so pretty.

RJ's Sal Update
I have the five main stitches done now with all the alphabet completed.  I truly enjoyed this series. My favorites were L to P and R to V.  I still want to add the strawberry to the group.  Now to sew them up!!!

A to F

H to K

L to P

R to V
And W to Z!


Mary's Sal Update

I have thoroughly enjoyed stitching this series. I have had little stitching time this summer but with shorter days coming I will have more stitching time and am looking forward to completing this series.   I have 4 alphabet patterns completed so far. These are my 2 latest finishes:


We found a set of adorable freebies this month.  If you like the beach as much as we do, you will love this set of three.  They are from The World of Stitches.  You can find the charts here.

Think of the fun you can have using the called for floss or mixing it up with your choice of colors. And, they look like quick stitches too. 


Thank you so much for coming by to see us today.  We truly appreciate your visits and your kind comments.   You can count on us to come see what you have been up to and what you have been stitching.

Say a prayer that the hurricane goes out to sea before doing too much damage.  The gas stations are already out of gas and the stores are running low on food. 

Next month our theme will be friendship and our posts will center around friends.  Hope to see you then.

                                                Stitching Friends


  1. Another great post , Love the bear photo and painting .
    Your SALs are looking fantastic.Love Marys little pillow on the deck chair .
    Thanks for the free chart info love it.
    Congrats to your winners , lucky ladies.
    Sounds like you both had a wonderful Summer .
    RJ take care and stay safe ,I am watching the weather
    on TV I will pray for all.
    I know we always get the tail end of the hurrican .
    In about 7 days .So it will be windy here next week unless in goes up country more .
    Good to have you back ,always love your posts .

  2. Oh, you two show beautiful work again, they are really great. And your SAL progress is remarkable. Congratulations.
    Have a good time- Hugs to you, Martina

  3. Hi friends, I hope you both will have a safe and pleasant weekend. I love the little pillow and also, the bear canvas with the cross stitch. Such fun for me to see these projects. Congrats to my friend Arlene! RJ, praying you stay safe.

  4. Congrats to the winners!!
    Sounds like you both enjoyed your Summer.
    The Bear picture is awesome, and that Beach pillow is so cute on the chair.
    Your SAL is looking great too.
    RJ, I hope you are safe from the storm.

  5. Bellissimi i vostri ricami, complimenti per tutti i vostri Sal...
    saluti dall'Italia

  6. Hi,
    the bear finish is wonderful. I like it very much.
    A lovely little pillow wiht beach motifs.
    Wonderful progress on your Schoolhouse Lesson. It looks great. I have finish part 2 of these project.
    Enjoy the weekend and a big Hugs, Manuela
    Thanks for the gift.

  7. Wonderful stitching! What a great idea adding a stitched banner to the beautiful painting of the bear.
    Thank you for sharing the link to those cute freebies
    Have a lovely weekend

  8. RJ’s Yellowstone project is so very clever! I wouldn’t change a thing! The barn wood, the green gardener’s twine, the color of the fabric, the border and the font all compliment the rustic themes of Yellowstone and the painting perfectly! (Since I’m from Denver, you’re working with a theme I’m very familiar with and love so much.)

    Mary’s Wild Salt Air is delightful! I especially love the pattern and color of the waves, how they curl and then the white foamy splash embellishment. So pretty!

    Thank you for the link to the free pattern. It's so bright and cheery!

  9. Beautiful SAL, RJ and congratulations to the giveaway winners, they are so lucky!
    I hope the storm doesn't cause damages, here in Portugal this week will be hotter (about 38º, 40º C)… we have summer for a long time...

  10. Another round of wonderful finishes, ladies! RJ, the bear piece is fabulous...your son is very talented...and the "Yellowstone" addition is perfect! You did a great job on the lettering...I can't tell which ones you created as opposed to the originals.
    Mary, I love the beachy piece and am lucky to have it already stitched, finished and on display for the summer (time to take it down, I guess). :( Both the SAL's are looking fabulous and can't wait to see your finished pieces. Enjoy the last remains of summer and RJ, I hope the hurricane just whizzes quickly by you--be safe!

  11. Well I was so excited I could barely read the rest of the blog. Thanks so much for this generous give away Mary and RJ. I believe you have my address but if you do not let me know and I will email it to you. Oh that Yellowstone sign was PERFECT on the bear painting What a great idea. Mary I love your Hands on Design Small. I am getting more bold in changing designs. It is fun to customize them to your own tastes. The SAL pieces are beautiful. What lovely stitches. Thanks for cute beach freebies. We are off to the Gulf in two weeks and I can hardly wait. Once again...thanks for the goodies. I look forward to receiving them.

  12. Just found your blog. I live in NC and love the beach pieces. Unfortunately I could not open the cute beach freebie. Can you send me a link please.
    Thank you in advance!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi Cindy Lou!
      Thanks so much for coming by to see us today. You do not have a return email so here is the link. Or you can email me at If you hit here in the part about the freebies it should take you right there too. Hope this helps. RJ
      If you press here it should take you right to the charts also. Hope that helps.

  13. RJ, Love your addition to your son's beautiful painting! Hope you are not in the path of the hurricane, stay safe either way!

    Happy Birthday Mary! Love your little pillow and chair set. What a great find at Michaels and the extra row of fishes looks perfect.

    Great stitching on the SAL ladies! What a difference the color of fabric makes.

    Congrats to the lucky winners!

  14. La peinture de ton fils est splendide et est superbement mise en valeur avec ton encadrement et le "titre" brodé. C'est une excellente idée.
    Bravo à toutes les deux pour vos ouvrages brodés, ils sont tous plein de charme.
    Bravo à Manuela, elle sera sans nul doute ravie.
    J'espère de tout coeur que l'ouragan se perdra en mer, à défaut, au moins qu'il faiblisse afin de ne pas faire de dégâts et épargne les personnes.
    Amitiés de France,

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. RJ, your son's painting is beautiful and I love your stitched addition at the bottom. Happy Anniversary.

    Mary, I hope you had a Happy Birthday. I love your beach themed finishes and he chair was a cute way to display the pillow.

    Thank you both for the link to the freebies, they are perfect for summer.

  17. I am in love with Mike's painting RJ! Your addition make's it so very special! You did an excellent job of it! Can't tell which letter you did at all. ;)
    Oh Mary I am so glad you found that little chair! What a cute, cute display that is now!

  18. Congratulations to the winners of the giveaway! RJ, you already know I love the picture Mike painted for you. Your 'Yellowstone' plank looks good. Mary, what a super beach stitch and I really like that chair you picked up from Michaels. Thank you for sharing the link to the trio of beach freebies.

    Thinking of you!

  19. RJ and Mary, hello! RJ, I am hoping that hurricane misses you entirely and goes out to sea. I have never had to live through anything like that, so I'm thinking of you and George and praying.

    Congratulations to Arlene and Manuela! Two very deserving stitchers!

    RJ, your son's bear painting is gorgeous! Love how you framed it and added the "Yellowstone" stitch. I cannot tell which letters you substituted! Mary, your beach stitch is precious. I saw those adirondack chairs at Michael's, too, and almost put one in my cart! I wasn't sure what I would do with it, but wow, you certainly showed a great way to display a summer beach theme!

    I'm dreadfully behind on the SAL. I picked it up again a couple days ago and worked most of the day on it until my left hand started cramping something fierce. Sometimes working over one can be a physical challenge! I love this series and am looking forward to finishing them so I can put together a display with them. Anxious to see how you two decide to finish them.

    Have a lovely week!

  20. Il quadro con gli orsi è stupendo, tuo figlio è davvero bravo! Mi piacciono tutti i ricami che avete fatto, ora ho ricominciato a ricamare anch'io :)

  21. Hello Mary your stitching are so wonderful

  22. It sounds like both of you have enjoyed the end of the summer, and yes, bring on the fall weather!
    Such a generous giveaway, congrats ladies.
    Sweet pictures of the bears and the painting is a treasure, you framed it beautifully, RJ! I love your addition to it, maybe include a tree on each side?
    Mary, I love your sweet little pillow on the chair, the extra fish look good and I like the no border.
    Both of your SALs are coming along beautifully, so close to being complete.
    Thanks for sharing the freebies, so colourful!

  23. Hello there,
    best regards from the meanwhile cool Berlin, I hope very much that it has become more pleasant with you.
    I like the great bear with the embroidered sign very much, oh, and the little wet bear on the photo is so cute.
    Mary's little Beach project fits wonderfully to the . . . old . . . soooo pretty.
    Your SAL progress looks wonderful, I'm very happy about the link and the freebies, I didn't know this site yet.
    Congratulations to the winners!
    Today is Sunday, I wish you both a nice Sunday, many greetings from Jutta

  24. Sounds like you both had enjoyable Augusts! Hard to believe September is here already--I am not ready for it at all! I have no fall decorating done even...

    I'm so happy for Arlene and Manuela! Congratulations to them both...

    I loved seeing the bear photo from Yellowstone, RJ. I have never been there but will make it a point to visit some day. We just returned from Rocky Mountain National Park and I am ready to move out there--breathtaking!! And that fresh mountain air--oh, my! Your finish of your son's painting with your stitched piece is just wonderful. It combines so many things you love--your son, stitching, Yellowstone. Just perfect :)

    And Mary--your beach finish is darling and the Adirondack chair is a perfect way to display it. What a cute little vignette with your other beach-themed stitches, too :)

    Nice progress on your SAL--you'll be finished in no time! Hope you both have wonderful Septembers. So sorry to be late with my comments. With the trip and then a very distressing week (I'm fine--it's just been hard with friends and family dealing with one serious medical issue after another) I've been out of the blogging loop for a couple weeks...

  25. I'm behind on blog reading so just now reading your post. I love the projects featured here! So sweet! The bear is such a special gift and I like the addition of the stitching. The pillow in the chair is precious! I love the 3 rows of fish vs what the designer used. Great job ladies!


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  27. The baby bear is adorable and I love the painting too. Nice touch to add the Yellowstone sign.
    I also like the Hands On Design, I'm a big fan of typography in stitching.

  28. Birthday and Anniversary wishes to you both. Congratulations to the winners. I know they will love their gifts. RJ, I think your Yellowstone project is just perfect, and what a sweet cooperative project from you and your son. Mary, that Hands on Design Pillow project is fabulous, and I love the entire vignette you've created. The SALs are coming along beautifully for both of you. Thank you so much for the link to the freebies. These are great for younger stitchers who may love color but aren't ready for designs like Satsuma Street. I have a couple of kindergarteners in mind ;-) Judy

  29. RJ: I love the bear photos, they are so interesting to watch, the painting of the Momma Bear is adorable, I love the frame and the stitched plaque below it, perfect together.
    Your SAL is a beautiful design. I am looking forward to seeing it framed.
    Thank-you for the freebie link.


  30. Mary: The Hands On Design is adorable, I love it sitting on the chair, so cute.
    Your SAL is beautiful.


  31. You've both made your projects into such fantastic displays, what wonderful souvenirs! What a special thing, a painting by your son! And I love the little chair for the beachy pillow! A great post, ladies!

  32. Loved the story about the bears!
    Great stitching from both of you!
    Hope you are both well!
    Barbara xx

  33. Son preciosos todos tu proyectos y también el cuadro pintado por tu hijo es fantástico.
    Un abrazo

  34. Hello Ladies, I see that you have not blogged for a while. (Me neither - I didn't blog for nearly a whole year!). I hope that all is well with you both. hugs, Kaye