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Saturday, August 3, 2019

July Post/ Patriotic
Styling with Stitches
Friends Who Stitch

Happy Summer everyone!   We hope you have found ways to stay cool during this heat wave. Luckily, Mary and I have been able to get away a lot this year to cooler spots for vacation stays.   We hope you all have been able to do the same. Due to internet issues, this July post is a bit late but we hope you still enjoy it.  If you have been following us awhile, you know that we do two posts a year with a pinafore and a monthly word play. We each get to do one of each which is a lot of fun. After today, we will have six pinafores and six word plays finished and six of each still to do to complete every month of the year. So we are halfway there!!!

We also have our Friends Who Stitch to share with you.   Both Robin and Marilyn have sent some lovely stitching we know you will love.   This is open to anyone who stitches and does not have a blog.   Just send me an email with a photo and we will get your completed stitch on the next post. 


RJ's Styling with Stitches

I was so excited when I found out I would be doing the July pinafore this year. I've had a pattern I was saving and really wanted to use.  A few years ago, I was lucky enough to visit Shepherds Bush.   It is everything you have ever heard and then some. I felt like a child at Disney World as soon as I walked in. You are overwhelmed at first because there is so much to see. There are samples of almost all of their patterns finished and hanging in the store.  It is so well organized into sections with themes.  I quickly went to the patriotic section and found too many kits I really loved. My basket was filled in no time with kits, charts, buttons, linen, rick rack, ribbon and gifts for Mary. Good thing I saved for a year and my generous husband bought two of the bigger kits for our anniversary and my birthday.  Good planning on my part!   

For my patriotic pinafore, I stitched the chart Life, Liberty and Happiness.  I have to admit after I saw all that was involved it sat in it's package for two years!  There were 7 specialty stitches that intimidated me.  But, once I got going there was no stopping me and I loved every minute completing this neat pattern.  And in the process, I learned some new stitches which I'll know how to do the next time.  

To make my pinafore I used  tiny stars, ticking and floral fabrics.   I used the triangle trim on the sides because it reminded me of pennants waving which seemed perfect for our patriotic theme.  I usually add a bow at the top of the stitch but this time I added a floral yo yo with a rusted star button at the bottom.    It also has six different adorable buttons added throughout the stitch.  
The kit included the hand dyed linen, silk floss, six buttons, floss holder and even a needle!

Can you find the heart, square, blackbird, bee and flower buttons scattered throughout?

The specialty stitches included a hatch, double hatch, satin, herrringbone, back stitching and a long stitch.   Love the sweet child with the flag.    What a fun stitch! 

Life, Liberty and Happiness Kit
by Shepherds Bush
 dyed linen and silk floss in kit
 six decorative buttons in kit
fabrics from Hobby Lobby
tin star found in Texas


Mary's Styling with Stitches

 July Word Play by Brenda Gervais was another fun stitch. And to my surprise, it was actually fun to finish. I never thought I would use fun and finish in the same sentence as I am certainly unaccustomed to have the finishing process go easily.  And, certainly not without lots of cussing!!!  

This was the first time I ever made a yo yo.  If you haven't tried your hand at them, I recommend this video.   I also learned that yo yo is an American name for Suffolk puffs. 

Another first was covering a button. Arlene from Nanaland recommended the button maker
 from Hobby Lobby.  She was so correct on how easy it is to do. 

My husband and I went  to Sew Easy in New Jersey ( great shop)  with stitch in hand to find a coordinating fabric.  I selected a floral and my husband found this orange print that he thought went better. Of course I didn't agree, what do men know about fabric!!! Well, much more than I thought as I had to change my mind when the sweet salesgirl whispered to me that my husbands selection was a better choice for my stitch.

Love the colors in this stitch and the perfect fabric my husband chose

Closeup of the herrringbone stitch.  You can find great tutorials on you tube.

I'm in love with the yo yo and covered button.

July word play
by With thy Needle and Thread
Country mocha linen
called for floss
fabric from Sew Easy
covered button maker from Hobby Lobby


Friends Who Stitch

We are so happy to have Robin and Marilyn join us again with some of their stitching.  Robin has sent two of her beautiful award winning stitches framed.  And, Marilyn has put together an adorable basket of patriotic stitches.   I know you will enjoy both of these great stitchers.   Thanks so much ladies.   We love your work.

Robin's patriotic stitches 

Penny America
by Tree of Life Samplings
Best in show 2013

Patriotic Patchwork
by Blue Ribbon Designs
Best in Show 2012

Marilyn's patriotic stitches

Basketful of pretty patriotic stitches


We are so happy you stopped by for a visit.   Next post will include our August Styling with Stitches projects and a SAL update.   Plus the winners of our give away will be announced.  We will be by to see all of you now that the internet problem has been worked out.   Until next time, stay cool and keep stitching! 

Stitching Friends



  1. A great pattern and a great finsih. The kid is really cute and the little buttons are really great.
    The July pun also looks great, your husband has a good taste, the fabric fits perfectly.
    I Also like the work from Robin and Marilyn.
    Have a great time, Martina

  2. What a lovely post. Both your projects are lovely, I never thought about adding covered buttons to a yo yo, they look so stylish with the matching colours.
    Great work by Robin and Marilyn too
    Have a wonderful day

  3. You both do such amazing finishing, extremely neat and precise.

  4. Love this post full of wonderful stitching .
    You both put so much work and extras into your stitching and it makes it so beautiful.
    Good to see the lovely stitching from Robin and Marilyn too.
    We do have some beautiful stitcher's ,and thank you so much for inspiring me to want to stitch more

  5. Wonderful finishes. I like the pillow very much.
    So many little details in both stitching works.
    The works form Robin and Marilyn are very beautiful.
    Have a nice August and a big Hugs, Manuela

  6. Both of your projects are wonderfully done.
    Gotta love those Shepherd's Bush little people, always loved those.
    Opening their kits is like opening a present, so cute!
    Thank you for posting my patriotic finishes.

  7. Oh I don't even usually look at my blogs before church on Sunday morning, but I am so glad I did because two of my favorite ladies had posted. RJ, that pinafore is going on my very long list of things to do and copy. It is so pretty. And Mary, you have outdone yourself with the wordplay. I ordered me one of those button makers and I am going to use it real soon. I know that my husband is better at picking out colors than me. Kinda makes me mad though. I love those wordplays. I need to get back to those too.
    Robin, I am so happy happy happy to see some of your stitches. You really need to get a blog girl. Both of those are so pretty.
    Marilyn, that bowl is so inspiring. I need to get on the ball and do some more.
    I am so glad you guys added those without a blog to the end.

  8. You girls are really inspiring me this morning. I am just starting on October Word Play and I may use your ideas for the Herringbone stitch at the bottom, Mary. I will make mine into a tray finish but I love the coordinating fabric and the decorative Stitch. RJ your Pinafores are always so sweet. And you ladies both have stitching that is perfect. So glad you liked the covered button kit! I was surprised at the ease of it. I bought several different sizes. And I love YoYos. My sweet mother in law made them a lot as decorations for her crafts. Thanks to all the ladies who shared their stitches....I love seeing others ideas. My instagram account is almost full of stitching pictures these days and that is fine with me.:)

  9. What a fabulous post to read this AM! RJ, your pinafore is precious. I really like how you put the July together with the tiny stars, ticking and triangles. Mary, your word play is sweet. Love the fabric your husband picked out along with the covered button/yo-yo. Marilyn's basket of patriotic stitches is fabulous. Thank you for sharing my patriotic stitches as well!

  10. You both are so very talented. I love this post and photos. Nice to see Robin and Marilyn's work, too. So wish I could still do stitching! Thanks to all for sharing your handiwork. xo

  11. Oh RJ! Your Life, Liberty and Happiness pinafore is excellent! Mary! I love the way you finished the July word play!! The FABRIC ;) the yo yo and the herringbone stitch! Awesome!

  12. Tous les ouvrages présentés sont absolument magnifiques. Des coloris très doux pour le modèle de Shepherd Bush.. comme j'aime. En France je n'ai pas eu de coup de coeur pour un modèle patriotique. Mais il serait possible d'adapter un modèle américain. Il faudra que j'y réfléchisse.
    Amitiés de France,

  13. RJ, your penafore is so pretty and I love the triangles to represent flags. Mary, I also love your finish and the buttons you used. Robin and Marilyn's finishes are also very beautiful.

  14. Beautiful stitching and finishes from all of you ladies! The July Wordplay is my fav but I love them all!

  15. Beautiful.

  16. I'm always inspired by both of your finishes! Loved seeing Robin and Marilyn's patriotic stitches too!

  17. RJ, the pinafore is so darn sweet; I love fabric choices! Mary,your word play is precious and the yo-yo's are a perfect addition! So nice to see Robin and Marilyn's pieces..they are wonderful!!! Such a kind and generous addition to your blog1 See you next time!

  18. You always have such lovely things, I especially like the July word play. x

  19. RJ your July pinafore is simply gorgeous! Thank you for putting in the close up so we could see your beautiful specialty stitches along with the buttons.

    Mary the Word Play is great and your DH did a great job picking the fabric. Guess you'll have to keep him a bit longer! :) You made some cute buttons for your yo-yos!

    Robin I am so glad to see some of your stitching! You should be very proud of winning those awards.

    Marilyn I just LOVE your basket of goodies!

  20. Sono sempre molto belli i ricami che pubblichi e anche sempre ben rifiniti ...
    Buona giornata

  21. The SB pinafore is so sweet, their designs are always so popular and pretty. I have a kit that has been sitting in my cupboard for 8 years, a gift when my granddaughter was born, it really should come out to play!
    Well done Mr Husband, the fabric is the perfect choice for the sweet pillow.
    Nice work by Marilyn and Robin

  22. I'm so envious that you actually got to visit Shepherd's Bush, RJ! I've heard it is one amazing place--I know I would feel overwhelmed as we have no local cross stitch shop here and it has been years since I've been in one. Your pinafore is perfect--love the fabrics that you chose for it and the little yo-yo. Yo-yos make everything happier, don't they?

    And Mary--that story about your husband's fabric choice winning out is too funny! It really does look lovely with your Word Play and the yo-yos, fabric buttons, and herringbone stitching embellish it perfectly. Great job (as always!!) you two.

    And I loved seeing both Marilyn and Robin's beautiful work--they are such sweet stitching friends and I would love it if they both began their own blogs, too :)

    Enjoy your week, RJ and Mary--hope things cool down for you...

  23. RJ - lucky you visiting Shepherds Bush and being able to splurge while there!
    Oh WOW, your Life, Liberty and Happiness kit turned out beautifully, and well worth the wait.
    Mary - Another WOW, your July Word Play is adorable! Thanks for sharing the links for the yo yo and covering a button info.
    Robin has two lovely pieces, no wonder she won ribbons for them! Marilyn's stitches are all so sweet, the perfect patriotic basket!

  24. RJ and mary: So sorry for the late comment, I am always so happy to come and see what you two have to show us here in Blogland, you both are so talented at finishing, I am loving the yoyo buttons, so amazingly sweet, I am going to have to try some.
    Congratulations to Robin on her ribbons.
    Marilyn's Patriotic designs are lovely, I am loving her wire basket.
    Thank-you for sharing their stitching.


  25. Great work on your projects and your lovely finishing too. Mary's husband has great taste in fabrics!
    I am so glad that you called them Suffolk Puffs too. I was in Norfolk a few years back and a woman insisted they were Norfolk Puffs! The two neighbouring counties are quite competitive LOL

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  29. Bonito trabalho. Bom fim-de-semana.

    1. Welcome Sandra. Thank you so much for your kind comment.

  30. Hi, RJ and Mary! Finally (oh, geez) getting caught up to blog-reading! I have missed reading about and seeing your work.

    RJ, I'm in awe of your finishing/sewing skills. You say it's easy, but I'll need you to come to Idaho and hold my hand as I attempt anything like what you've done. :-) Love the pinafore and especially the stitch.

    Mary, your Word Play is awesome! I have to say, your husband has an eye for fabric. It really goes well with the herringbone stitch you used to bridge the gap between linen and fabric, too. Very neat stitching! I never knew there was a thing you could buy to make covered buttons. I've never tried it, but next time I go to Hobby Lobby I'll be on the lookout. I have the YouTube video on yo-yos bookmarked!

    Such beautiful stitching from Robin and Marilyn. Thank you for showing those!

  31. You're right, RJ. A good stitching store IS like Disneyland for adults. What a fabulous finish, and how brave to do all those new to you specialty stitches in one project. Those beautiful "pennants" Look difficult. If they aren't I don't want to know about it. Let me live in awe.

    Mary, I don't know what you picked out, but I really do love the fabric your DH picked. Suffolk Puffs. Just the sound of it makes it sound fancy. I remember my mom made an entire bedspread for her (and Dad's) full-sized bed back in the 70s. It's amazing how just a change of fabric can change the feeling of something--very pretty.

    Robin and Marilyn have shared some beautiful finishes. Congratulations to them on their ribbons.

    Sadly, it looks like the spammers have found you. That is the reason I now approve every comment on my blog. If you decide to do that, be careful to check your "Awaiting Moderation" and "Spam Folders" somewhat frequently. I find actual blogging friends get sent to spam or awaiting moderation without being sent to my Email.

    Until next time, keep being awesome. :-) Judy

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