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Monday, February 3, 2020

January Stitcher's Choice
Question of the Day
SAL update
Give Away

Welcome to Stitching Friends.  We are so happy you came by for a visit.  This post is our January Stitcher's Choice which lets us pick anything we want. Hope you enjoy.  We added our second new feature which is Question of the Day.  And, we will be announcing our newest SAL. You are invited to join us.

Are you having snowy days by you?  Mary has had some in New York but of course we never get to enjoy it in Florida.  But, it has been colder than usual which is ok with me.   I'll be happy stitching snow!

And don't miss the give away at the end.  Good luck to all who enter.


RJ's project

My French village got put on hold last year due to illness so this year it is my number one challenge.  I was able to finish the train station and the needlework shop to join the flower shop from last year.  I used different fabrics from the Petites Maison de Noel collection, yo-yo's, a herringbone stitch and covered buttons.  Now three are done and twelve left to sew.

I did something to my right thumb (it kind of pops out of the socket and really hurts when I bend it) so trying to finish these took forever.   Hand stitching was a nightmare but I was determined to get a couple of these done and I did.   My doctor says I may need an operation (fingers crossed that won't happen)!

Added the name of the town Avignon to the train station.  

Love this sweet train station taking me to Provence!

Changed the name of the shop to Broderie which means needlework.

Love the spool on the top of the shop!

Needlework shop, flower shop and train station
from Little House Needleworks Hometown Holiday
40 ct. vintage country mocha linen
over dyed floss and DMC
fabrics from French General


Mary's project

The Snow is Coming Down by The Trilogy was gifted to me by Meg of I Live to Stitch blog and I thought it would be perfect for a January stitch .Thank you Meg!   January is usually a snowy month in NY but not this year.  I hope to get some soon!

I found this wooden décor at Michael's after Christmas Sale for 4$ and thought it would be perfect for this stitch.  I calculated which size of linen would work and 32 ct was  a perfect fit.  I replaced the clip on the frame for a yo yo and snowflake button. After trying out numerous trims I settled on the pom pom's as I think it looks like little snowballs.

Stitch matted on foam core with batting

Sweet Snowman

The Snow is Coming Down
 by The Triology
32 count cream linen
called for Dmc 


Question of the Day

This is a new feature like high fives that we did in the last post.   It should be fun to hear the answers so we hope you join along.  Give us your answer with your comments.

If you could only stitch one designer for the rest of your life who would it be?


SAL update

We will be starting a new SAL in February.  It is a set of 12 stitches called a Year in Celebration by Hands on Design.   We will stitch March during the month of February and then continue stitching April in March and so forth until all 12 are done.  These look like quick stitches and DMC floss is listed as an alternative to the over dyed floss listed as well.   We would love for you to join us for all twelve months or any months you like.  Just let us know by email if you would like to be part of the fun.  Please feel free to join at any time during the year.


Give Away

Mary is giving away her pattern that she stitched her project with.  Our sweet friend Meg sent it and asked for the chart to be passed on to others.  So if you are interested in stitching this lovely pattern just let us know. 


Thanks for joining us today.  We really appreciate your visits and comments.  You can count on us to stop by your blog to see what you have been stitching too.   And, if you have a blog that we don't have on our sidebar please let us know.  Stay warm and keep stitching! 

                                                   Stitching Friends



  1. Another wonderful post to read! I love the Kahlil Gibran quote about snow and kindness. RJ, your French village pieces are so pretty. I love how you are changing their names to reflect their French counterparts. Mary, your snowman stitch is so cute. I am still hoping we get a good snow here before winter fades off into the sunset. Have fun with your new SAL stitch!

    I like your question, but I am going to pick two because that is how I roll. My picks are Blue Ribbon Designs and The Prairie Schooler. Now that being said, I would have to add a few other designers that speak to my heart.

  2. The French Village is looking great. The Railway Station is my favourite block.
    I think Mary's pom-pom trim is perfect, very snowy!
    The one designer is difficult.
    I think I would have to say Just Nan because I love her samplers and her cute mice too.
    But only if I can have an occasional Mirabilia for my elegant lady fix!
    But what about dragons? Can I have Teresa Wentzler every Leap Year!

  3. Your little village is wonderful! And the snowman finish...too cute!

  4. If indeed, "Kindness is like snow and beautifies everything it covers" then our world needs more snow!!!! (smile)

    Beautiful blog post. Love not only the stitching itself but the finishing ideas that come from your imagination and hands. Yes, please include my name in the drawing for the cute cute cute snowman design. And thank you!

  5. RJ I love your French village so much. Mary your snow stitch is darling. I cannot answer your question girls! It is giving me anxiety just pondering it over and over!!!

  6. RJ, your village is so sweet and your finishing perfection! I love the changes you've made in the names. Mary, you snowman is adorable...perfect for January and love the 'snowball' trim...we've got to get it somehow! :)
    The Drawn Thread would be my pick for a retail designer an Betsy Morgan as a "classes only" designer.
    That quote makes me realize why I love snow so
    Thanks ladies!!!

  7. RJ, I hope your finger feels better and you don't need surgery. I just love your little pillows. The added herringbone stitch and yoyo's really add to the beauty of your stitching. Mary, your finish is so cute and I love how you FFO'd it. My favorite designer right now is Tempting Tangles Designs, I have so many of her patterns to stitch. I have already stitched the Year in Celebrations and it was so much fun to stitch. I can't wait to see your progress. I would love to be added to the giveaway. Thank you both.

  8. Such lovely projects. One of my favorite designers is Heartstring Samplery but there are some real close runners up like Plum Street Samplers, Sub Rosa Designs, With Thy Needle and Thread, Stacy Nash, and LaDDa. So I guess I really can’t pick just one designer!Thanks for the chance to win the snowman pattern.

  9. I love both of your projects. As usual, you ladies do a wonderful finishing job!! If I had to pick one designer, it would be Blackbird Designs. Of course, I am thankful that I don't have to do that!

  10. Lovely stitching as usual from the besties. I was so happy to see a post this evening as I sat down with the computer to wind down a bit. I just started two bigger projects this weekend. Forest Snowfall and Lantern Lane. Both were from a stitching friend. One designer for the rest of my life. I would probably pick Little House Needlework designs as their stitches are so varied. And I have stitched a lot of them. Prarie Schooler is my favorite, but many of their things are alike so I would chose variety first!! I was doing pretty good with Stitching from Stash unitl Jen at Jen's Stitching Niche shared two drums she had made from Little House patterns. You will be seeing them in my haul at Nanaland. I try, I honestly try not to be swayed but I am weak in the stitching department.

  11. Your village is growing, beautiful, the new houses that have been added have a perfect finsih.
    Mary's snow motif is also great, the idea with the wooden frame fits perfectly.
    To the question - it's difficult to answer, I think I would choose Little House Needleworks.
    Your new SAL will be great. A nice pattern for a SAL.
    I would like to win Mary's pattern, I love it.
    I wish you a good time, Hugs to you, Martina

  12. RJ: I love your French village project, these little pillows are so cute.
    Mary; so nice also your snowman, a perfect subject for January.
    It's hard to answer to your question, because I love so many different designers, but if a have to choose just one, I will stitch Veronique Enginger

  13. I really like the French village, I lived in France for 18 months many years ago so this is extra charming for me. If I could stitch only one designer it would be Blackbird Designs, their designs are pretty, softly coloured, and timeless. They can usually b personalised as well to mean something to you, I am presently doing Bountiful Harvest which I am dedicating to my Gran and including her initials and birth year, my Gran loved nature and this pattern with flowers and birds is perfect for her. x

  14. Wonderful finishes from you both.
    Your little town is growing. So lovely the three shops, RJ.
    Lovely finish Mary. I like your idea with the red frame.
    I would like to win the Giveaway from Mary.
    A difficult quiestion. I have to thing a long time. I think I would stitch the patterns from Brenda Gervais. And you Mary and RJ, which designer would you choose?
    Have a nice Febuary.
    A big Hugs, Manuela

  15. I was so happy this morning to open my blog and your Post was there ,
    Always a treat to read them and see your lovely stitching.
    RJ love the town ornaments and the sweet finish .
    Mary you do also have some wonderful finises , where do you find all these goodies from that you set your stitching on.
    OH my this is so hard I love all our designers but dany is the one for me simple but beautiful designs and lots of flowers .
    Would love to enter for the freebie .
    Hope your thumb gets better soon , hugs to you both .

  16. RJ, your French Village pieces are all so cute, love the extra stitches & Yo-Yo's.
    And Mary, your finish of the Trilogy design is nice with that wooden background.
    I think I would stitch the With Thy Needle & Thread designs by Brenda Gervais, love her designs.

  17. che meraviglie!
    Se dovessi scegliere una designer sarebbe Durene Jones :)

  18. Mary, you sent all the cool weather to north Florida this year. Although yesterday was more to my taste. Your little snowman finish is just perfect. RJ, those little village pieces are just adorable. I have seen so many takes on Christmas villages. I really like your little pillows. I have a few village pieces in my stash for "one day."
    That is a hard question. I am going to be a bit different and cheat with my answer. How about OLD Leisure Arts magazines. I still have a couple from the early 1990s. I think I could find a few things to keep me busy for years to come if I could quit looking around.
    Kindness indeed is needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Mary: What a sweet idea, did you paint the board or did it come that color? just curious, it is a perfect red.
    The Pom Pom is the perfect addition with the snowflake, I love it.
    WE have snow and its melting fast I hope spring comes early.


  20. RJ: Your pillows are adorable, I totally love the Train Station, the black with white coordinating fabric is perfect and adds such a beautiful element.


  21. Love your "town" collection. I've stitched 10 in the series but haven't finished them into anything. I'd love to stitch that adorable snowman design that Mary gave to you.
    No snow here in the South and I actually miss those snowy days.

    1. Hi Jan...can you send me your email address so we can send you thank you's and also so we can contact you if you win the snowman pattern. Thanks so much for coming to our blog...we appreciate your visit and comment. RJ

  22. What a lovely post. So many sweet finishes. I am stitching the year of celebration too, I am halfway through February now. You will certainly enjoy it, the charts are so varied and pretty.
    I don't think I could choose a single designer. I tend to get bored with a project after a while so guess a single style would not work for me. Besides- there are so many brilliant and creative designers out there!! :)
    Have a great week

  23. I love your village finishes, Avignon is super, we've visited there a few years ago. Lovely finishes Mary. I love your joint blog, thank you both

  24. The village little pillows are superb, I hope you don't have to have an operation on the thumb RJ.
    Mary, you always find such fun things to display your stitching.
    It's hard to decide on one designer, there are so many lovely charts and tastes change all the time.
    Good luck to all who enter for the giveaway, but please don't add me.

  25. Avant toute chose je croise les doigts pour que le pouce guérisse et qu'il n'y ai pas besoin d'une opération...
    J'aime beaucoup les petits coussinets qui mettent si bien en valeur le village qui grandit. Avignon est une très jolie ville mais il existe de magnifiques petits villages en Provence ce sont eux que je préfère.
    Pas de neige dans notre région non plus, et je dis tant mieux car je n'aime pas la neige, ni le froid. J'aimerais vivre dans un département plus doux que celui dans lequel nous sommes. Nous verrons quand nous serons à la retraite.
    Le bonhomme de neige est splendide. L'encadrement est tout à fait ce qu'il fallait.
    J'aime de nombreux créateurs, il me semble impossible d'en choisir un....
    Je participe volontiers pour le cadeau, après tout il faut toujours tenter sa chance.
    Amitiés de France,

  26. Sweet finishes! I always like to see how everyone finishes things. It gives me a lot of inspiration. Hmmm, the designer I would choose would be Blackbird Designs.

  27. It's so nice to see you two posting again :) I'm sorry to hear about your thumb issues, RJ. That sounds almost like something that happens with my mom's finger. She has lived with it for years as it comes and goes. Sure hope an operation (if necessary) cures things.

    Your French Village is darling--I love seeing everyone's take on this Hometown Holidays series :) And your little snowman is so cute, too, Mary--that was a great idea to measure and stitch your piece the perfect size for the little red "window."

    I think you know the answer to what designer I would pick--hands down, it is Prairie Schooler. I never tire of the designs and they are such comfort stitching for me :)

  28. Il tuo villaggio è semplicemente fantastico e lo è ancora di più la finitura che hai fatto per la confezione. Mi piacciono molto anche i pupazzi di neve, e mi piace anche disegnarli...

  29. I hope your thumb does not require surgery RJ! Is there some type of small brace you can wear on it to see if it can heal itself? I love your new addition of the train station for your village.

    Mary your new stitch is adorable. As you know I am not to crazy about the snow but if it was snowing here I would gladly stay in the house and stitch the day away.

    As for the one designer I would like to stitch well my favorite designer changes constantly! Right now I am on a Hands on Design and Carolyn Manning thing so either will do.

    Speaking of Hands on Design, I am off to email you now.

    Have a great stitching week ladies!

  30. RJ, I love your little houses. We were on our honeymoon trip in France, also in Avignon, there is a beautiful song "Sur le pont d'Avignon", aaaah, those are such nice memories, 28 years ago!!!!
    I hope your thumb doesn't hurt so much anymore, good luck!
    Mary, your motive is so beautiful, too, and perfectly embroidered, the red wooden frame is the icing on the cake.
    Your new SAL project looks great, have both fun stitching!
    My favourite designer is Christiane Dahlbeck, and who is it for you?
    Thank you very much for this wonderful post, all my love, Jutta

  31. Hi, RJ and Mary! RJ - I'm so sorry to hear about your thumb issue. I can only imagine how that is messing with your ability to stitch and finish as well as daily activities. I hope it rights itself and you don't have to have surgery. Your French village is looking great! I have all but the most recent additions to the Hometown Holiday series in my stash, and between your finishes and Carol's, I am definitely inspired!

    Mary, the snowman came out so cute! Great finishing, too. I stitched it twice - once on a lighter linen and again over one on a darker linen so the snowflakes popped. It was a fun stitch and I'm sure whoever wins it will enjoy it.

    Good question (and great new feature!). I think if I could only stitch one designer it would be Plum Street Samplers. Have you seen Paulette's "Weenie" series? I've stitched Winter Wienerland and Teenie Weenies so far. I'm currently finishing up her "Spring Saltboxes."

    Stay warm!

  32. Hello Lovely Ladies,
    RJ, so sorry to hear about your thumb. I hope that it can be fixed without an operation - fingers (and thumb) crossed! Your French Village is looking fabulous - I love the changes that you have made. Your finishing is gorgeous, too.

    Mary, yet another gorgeous finish from you - you Ladies are so clever with how you finish things.
    Please count me in the giveaway.

    Re which designer I would choose if I could have only one - whilst there are so many that I love, I think that it would have to be Prairie Schooler for me.

    Great post, I so enjoyed reading it.

  33. Oh RJ, I love your hometown pillows on display together! I'm looking forward to seeing the town come together.
    Mary, that is the perfect frame for the snowman, the clip and trim really make it! Please include me in the giveaway, it is such a sweet stitch.
    I don't know if I can answer your question, it honestly depends on my mood and what I feel like stitching. And there's so many to choose from!

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